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10 of the Most Beautiful Destinations to Visit In Germany

The ULTIMATE Germany Travel Bucket List

TRAVEL GUIDE: Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Germany

If you want a fairytale vacay complete with palaces and enchanted forests, the next destination to book is Germany. The country has beautiful sceneries that touch the soul, museums that inspire, and party districts that take you to another level of naughtiness.

An intersection between the old world and modern times, Germany boasts architectural creations that make you enjoy the past and present at the same time. The country provides a feast for the senses, which is why it is always a must-visit in any traveler’s list.

From museums to nature trips, Germany will give you a trip you won’t forget. Here are the top destinations that should be on your travel itinerary:


Berlin Germany by Angelo Abear via Unsplash
Berlin Germany by Angelo Abear via Unsplash

Ah, the German capital. The city is so alive with the presence of museums, galleries, and other relics that tell a million stories. There is the Museum Island in the Spree River where you can revel in the paintings from all over the world that are displayed on the Berlin Wall.

When in Berlin, we recommend the following spots to visit:


Kurfurstendamm via Pixabay
Kurfurstendamm via Pixabay

After the art trip, you can go shopping in Kurfürstendamm, the city’s most famous avenue and shopping boulevard located in the heart of the western city center.


Mitte, Berlin, Germany by Callum Parker via Unsplash
Mitte, Berlin, Germany by Callum Parker via Unsplash

Want to witness history in real life? Head to Mitte, Berlin’s central district. It is home to top attractions such as museums and historical architecture.


Cologne Cathedral photo via Depositphotos
Cologne Cathedral photo via Depositphotos

Colossal cathedrals and a thriving art scene are some of the reasons why tourists visit the city. Cologne will take your breath away with its UNESCO heritage site such as the Kölner Dom; the Hohenzollern Bridge, which is known far and wide for the romantic love padlocks, and the hip and happening areas of Agnesviertel and the Belgian Quarter.


Hamburg canoe ride
Hamburg canoe ride

This city is packed with historic centers, green spaces, and beautiful bridges. It has some of the best historical architecture in the country such as the Hamburg Town Hall — a landmark of neo-Renaissance architecture.


Speicherstadt in Hamburg via Pixabay
Speicherstadt in Hamburg via Pixabay

Another striking UNESCO site is the Speicherstadt, which is touted as the “world’s largest complex of warehouses” with an area of 260,000 square meters. The architecture is notable for its neo-gothic brick architecture.

The Romantic Road 

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Sieberstor(links) und Koboltor (rechts)
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Sieberstor(links) und Koboltor (rechts)

Want to go on a road trip? Hop in the car or ride your bike and go to the Romantic Road, one of the most picturesque sceneries in Germany. Located in the southern provinces of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, this attraction is reminiscent of castles in fairy tale books. The medieval relic is a stunning attraction, a cherry on top of German experiences that combine art, culture, and history.

The scenic jaunt starts in Würzburg with its UNESCO-listed Würzburg Residenz, then to the Taubertal valley and Rothenburg ob der Tauber where you will see half-timbered houses and medieval gates against a river landscape until you make it to Dinkelsbühl, which has a preserved medieval town.

But the trip doesn’t have to stop with the cultural landscapes. You can soak in the beauty of nature as well. Get lost in magical forests and wild river valleys of the Tauber, Sulzach, Wörnitz, and Lech. Let nature serenade your soul with its sights and sounds.


Dresden Germany via Pixabay
Dresden Germany via Pixabay

The city has a tragic past but its architecture lives on to tell the story of a city that rose from the ashes. Over the past years, there was a serious effort from the government, corporations, and private individuals to restore the different sites in the city. The continued effort brought new glory to the city that was destroyed by massive firebombing in World War II.


Dresden Frauenkirche by Netopyr via Wikipedia CC
Dresden Frauenkirche By Netopyr – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

There’s much to see in the city’s restored architectural and cultural relics such as the Frauenkirche, a Protestant Church of Our Lady in the city’s Old Town that was destroyed by bombs in 1945.

Semper Opera House

Semper Opera House via Pixabay
Semper Opera House via Pixabay

Visit the Semper Opera House that was named after the architect and designer Gottfried Semper (1803-1879) who rebuilt the architectural marvel after the original building was burned.

If you visit Dresden during November or December, make sure to make a trip to the Striezelmarkt, one of Germany’s oldest Christmas markets. This Christmas tradition harks back to 1434, making it one of the most anticipated spectacles in the city.

Enjoying Germany

We shouldn’t forget to explore Germany’s beer culture, too. Germany is known for being the home of master brewers for centuries. The tradition of beer brewing, which began as early as the eighth century AD, has also been proposed as UNESCO world cultural heritage. This is something that you shouldn’t miss in the spirit of living as the locals do.

There’s so much to see in Germany — it’s a place that inspires beauty from every corner. With the picture-perfect sceneries, natural attractions, and historical sites, it’s understandable why so many travelers fall in love with Germany’s charms. Step into this dream destination and let the romantic sights whisk you away to a world where modern meets old.

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