World Pyro Olympics 2009 Photo Contest

This Year, World Pyro Olympics 2009 will be holding a photo contest called WPO 2009 Photo Festival.

If you are interested to join World Pyro Olympics 2009 Photo Contest, heres the mechanics.

The WPO Photo Festival is a photo contest for all photographers – amateur and professionals.

Pyro Olympics 2009 Photo Contest
Pyro Olympics 2009 Photo Contest

Winners are determined in two stages:

1. Judges’ choice (select judges which may consist of any but not limited to the following)
a. Visual artist / Writer
b. Sponsoring company representative
c. Reputable Photographer
2. People’s choice (online voting thru WPO Photo site)

The photo competition will cover the five (5) Saturdays of the event starting November 21 to December 19, 2009.

How to join
1. The contest is open to all (point and shoot / DSLR) legal age person.
2. Interested parties may register by any of the following:
>Download a registration form from WPO 2009 website.
>Register at WPO 2009 Photo Festival secretariat at the venue.
2. Pay the Registration Fee to be able to join.
>P400 per person inclusive of entrance ticket to the general viewing area for one (1) night.
>P600.00 per person inclusive of entrance ticket to the special viewing area for one (1) night.
This allows the contestant to submit a maximum of three (3) entries for the event.
3. Secure ACCESS ID at the WPO Photo Festival Exhibit area.

Entry Specifications:

1. A registrant may submit as much as three (3) entries.
2. All entries must be printed in 8”x12” full color – bleed format; prints with borders or framings are automatically disqualified.
3. Each entry must be labeled with the contestant’s name, registration number and entry title at the back. This information must be printed on a 3”x6” white paper and not written directly at the back of the print.
4. Manually retouched and/or painted over print outputs are not acceptable.
5. 300dpi per entry is the acceptable format.
6. For uploading purposes, the maximum is 4 Mb file size saved as JPEG per entry and only allow untouched/unedited entries, limiting photo/traditional editing to resizing are acceptable.
7. Prints and files not in this format will be disqualified from the competition.
8. Submit all printed entries in one (1) brown envelope together with the file saved in CD. Label the envelope with the Registrant’s Name and Registration Number.
9. Entries must be submitted Monday to Saturday December 21, 2009. Deadline for submission is January 9, 2010.

Prizes and Awarding

1. P10,000.00 – 2nd Runner Up
2. P20,000.00 – 1st Runner Up
3. P50,000.00 – Grand Prize Winner
4. Travel Workshop w/ George Tapan – Online Winner (all expense paid)

Winners will be awarded on January 15, 2009 in a photo exhibit in one of the Ayala Malls.

For inquiries, please call ALL ABOUT BRANDS INC at 401-3733 / 5023288 or PRESS INC. at .

World Pyro Olympics 2009 Photos

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