World Pyro Olympics 2009 List of Participants

Heres the complete list of participating countries in the World Pyro Olympics 2009.

Pyro Studios of Canada has won multiple awards all over the world such as the Montreal International Fireworks Competition, the Globalfest Fireworks Competition and the Monaco Fireworks Competition. Pyro Studios will bring to the WPO 2009 an exciting show featuring the music of Journey and Arnel Pineda.

The Greatest Pyrotechnic Show on Earth
The Greatest Pyrotechnic Show on Earth

Marutayama of Japan started manufacturing its ornamental fireworks at the end of the Edo era in 1864. The company’s fireworks have been praised for “painting a dream in the sky” at the 1984 Los Angels Olympics and the Centennial Celebration of the Statue of Liberty. Marutamaya provides fireworks displays at Tokyo Disneyland.

NICO-Lünig Event GmbH of Germany is one of the leading sellers and producers of display fireworks in Germany. It has taken part in international fireworks competitions in China, Japan, Thailand, Spain, Sweden, France, Switzerland and the Philippines.

Parente Fireworks of Italy’s history dates back at least 100 years, with tradition and secrets handed down to several generations later. One of Parente’s most unforgettable performances is “Beach on Fire”, a 14-kilometer fireworks show in Venice.

Remote Effects Systems (RES) Specialty Pyrotechnics of U.S.A began operations in 1983 and provides fireworks for sporting, corporate, theatrical and touring musical productions. RES now provides over 250 displays annually both indoors and outdoors and distributes its line of pyrotechnic products worldwide.
Glorious Entertainment Production Limited of China was founded in 1920. Some of its stellar credits include fireworks at Bjork’s concert in 2008; Thai King 80th Birthday ceremony firework show in Thailand, and the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Asian Games.

Explosive Productions Pty Ltd of Australia has more than 20 years of experience in the fireworks and pyrotechnic industry. Explosive Productions produced the designs used to win the 2005 & 2006 WPO. They also participated at the “Fiori di Fuco” Fireworks Competition in Italy, and the “Symphony of Fire” in Cape Town, South Africa.

Hanwha Corporation of Korea was founded in 1952. It has performed fireworks in big events including the 3rd Busan Multimedia Fireworks Show in 2007, a 50-minute firework and laser show at APEC 2006, and the opening and closing ceremonies of the Seoul Asian Games.

La Mancha Group International of the Philippines is the only company from South East Asia that has bagged honors from prestigious contests in Europe including the Hannover Fireworks Competition in Germany last year, and the Zagreb International Fireworks Festival held in Croatia earlier this year.

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