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Why You Should Choose Africa as Your next Safari Destination

How to Choose the Right Safari Destination in Africa

Morocco Desert

Awesome Reasons to Go on a Safari in Africa

Africa’s numerous attractions will make it difficult to decide where to tour first. Apart from the adventures, visiting this region is also a learning experience. Here are the reasons why this content should be your destination of choice.

Why You Should Choose Africa as Your next Safari Destination
Why You Should Choose Africa as Your next Safari Destination

Fascinating Cultures

Modernization hasn’t wiped away African cultures. Aside from meeting people from different tribes, touring Africa provides insight into mind-blowing traditions. For example, young men are flogged publicly among the Fulani of West Africa to test their courage. The one who endures the beating is rewarded with a suitor.

Maasai people of Kenya
Maasai people of Kenya

The Maasai also has a rich cultural heritage. For starters, members of this East African tribe live a semi-nomadic life. As such, they depend on their cattle for survival, living off meat, blood, and milk. What’s more, their attire includes beaded ornaments, sandals, and shuka cloth.

Not forgetting the bull-jumping ritual among Ethiopia’s Hamar initiates. After being shaved, the initiate is smeared with dung, sand, and bark straps tied around his chest. He walks on the slippery backs of 15 castrated bulls 4 times. Failure to complete this challenge not only attracts a beating from female relatives but also forces the initiate to wait for one more year to repeat the ritual.

Unique Wildlife Encounters

From reptiles and mammals to birds and aquatic life, Africa is home to numerous animal varieties. The wildebeest migration is one of the events that put the continent on the world map.

Gorilla in Rwanda
Gorilla in Rwanda

Every year, scores of wildebeests, together with gazelles, zebras, and impalas, cross the Mara River from Tanzania to Kenya, the crocodiles in the water notwithstanding. You can also track gorillas in Ugandan and Rwandan forests. Apart from trekking in the wild, you can see gorillas and other endangered primates in their natural environment.

You’ll also love swimming in the Atlantic Ocean as you watch penguins in Cape Town’s Boulder Beach. Another place you should visit is the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. Aside from its breathtaking scenery, it plays host to hyenas, giraffes, buffaloes, elephants, mongooses, and rhinos.

Vibrant Cities

Game drives in the wild are not Africa’s only selling point; the continent has beautiful cities with rich histories, advanced infrastructure, and unmatched hospitality. Cape Town, for instance, offers beaches, mountains, and vineyards as it escapes from the hustle and bustle of the city. Essaouira, Morocco is also perfect for your next getaway.

Morocco Desert
Morocco Desert

For starters, it’s a port city making it a seafood hotspot. The weather is also sunny throughout the year, making the town ideal for beach activities. Not forgetting Ivory Coast’s economic capital Abidjan. In addition to the magnificent skylines, the metropolis boasts an array of tourist attractions.

St. Paul Cathedral, for instance, is an architectural marvel that attracts religious tourists worldwide. Considering Ivory Coast is a major exporter of goods in Africa, Abidjan is also a transport center.

Contrary to the negative stereotypes linking Africa to war, poverty, corruption, and disease, visiting this continent will reveal geographical wonders that will make Africa top of your destinations list. Why don’t you book a trip to Africa?

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