Zebras at Safari World Bangkok
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Exploring Bangkok Safari World

Bangkok Safari World

More than 38 million tourists have visited this Southeast Asian nation last year. And it’s no doubt that tourism in Thailand has contributed greatly to the economic growth of this rich kingdom. Its capital Bangkok even surpassed New York, Paris, and London to lead the list of “top 100 city destinations” in 2016 created by Euromonitor International.

Zebras at the Safari World Bangkok
Zebras at the Safari World Bangkok
Zebras at Safari World Bangkok
Zebras at Safari World Bangkok

During my recent Thailand-Vietnam FamTrip which was made possible by TAT and Bangkok Airways, we were able to get a chance to explore this new mall in Bangkok even just for a few hours.

giraffes at Bangkok Safari World Thailand
giraffes at Bangkok Safari World Thailand

Today, we shine the spotlight on one of Bangkok’s greatest tourist attractions, Safari World Bangkok. In its website, Safari World Bangkok prides itself as Thailand’s “greatest open zoo and leisure park”. With a total land area of about 190 hectares (480 acres), its African wilderness setup makes for a wonderful 8-kilometer safari drive. But not only would one enjoy spotting different land mammals like tigers, zebras, giraffes, and deers, there’s also an area dedicated to bird and dolphin lovers. The entertainment park, located at 99 Panya Intra road, stands to be the only one of its kind to have been listed in Thailand’s stock market.

Bangkok Safri Wildlife
Bangkok Safri Wildlife

How to Get There

Arguably, the best way to get to Bangkok Safari World is by taking the taxi. It may take around two hours to travel from the capital to the zoo by public transport. To get to Safari World, we take advice from the Trazy blog:

  • Get to Mo Chit BTSs station or Chatuchak Park MRT station.

Both stations lie in close proximity to one another, so go to the station close to your area. Go out of exit 1 or 3 and walk towards the Chatuchak Park. There, you will see Chatuchak Bus Station 2. This is different from the Chatuchak Bus Terminal which is located on the other side of the park.

  • Next, ride a 26 or 96 bus and get off at the Fashion Island Mall.

It is advised that you take the 26 bus since it has fewer stops and is air-conditioned.

  • Cross the overpass. Take the 197 bus (Songthaew) or hail a taxi bound for Safari World.

It will take around 20 minutes to get to the Safari World bus stop which lies a few hundreds of meters away from Safari World Bangkok.  Alternatively, a taxi ride from the Fashion Island Mall will cost around 100 Thai baht.

What to See and Expect

Here are some of the main attractions in Safari World that you would surely love to watch.

birds bangkok safari world Birds In Safari World Zoo In Bangkok
Birds In Safari World Zoo In Bangkok

Safari Park

With a length of approximately 8 kilometers, get to experience a 45-minute long safari drive and have your kids enjoy up-close the different wildlife–hundreds of animals from around the world—this park looks after.

Marine Park

Whether you want to be entertained or to be educated, Marine Park hosts a number of shows showcasing a variety of animals. Subject to notice, the schedule of shows is as follows

Weekday (Monday – Friday)
  • Orangutan Show:  10:40 and 14:00
  • Cowboy Stunt:  10:45
  • Elephant Show: 11:30
  • Dolphin Show:  10:00 and 15:40
  • Sea Lion Show:  14:00
  • Spy War: 14:50
  • Bird Show:  14:40 and 16:10
Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Orangutan Show:  10:40 and 14:00
  • Sea Lion Show:  14:00 and 15:45
  • Cowboy Stunt:  10:45
  • Elephant Show:  11:30
  • Dolphin Show:  10:00 and 16:30
  • Spy War:  14:50
  • Bird Show:  14:40 and 17:10

Dolphin Show

Watch dolphins somersault in mid-air and get mesmerized as these intelligent sea creatures sing in chorus, shake hands with you, or perform graceful dives in the Dolphin Show.

Bird Show

In this site, you can take photos with a variety of birds and have them printed. Your kids may also buy food for them and see these birds dock at their hands to feed. Awesome!

Eggs World

Opened in 2007, learn what egg incubation (including sophisticated equipment) is all about and be amazed by interesting facts regarding eggs. Check out real skeletal remains of egg-laying reptiles such as turtles and crocodiles.

Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show

Get to experience how it feels to be in the world of cowboys, where gunfights and horse plays are the rule. Watch to disbelief as stuntmen do dangerous stunts and as explosives detonate in front of you.

Feeding Show

With a little bit of danger lurking, experience the thrill while you stay seated throughout the safari drive and see a young attractive woman enclosed by a cage latched to the back of a truck feeding at least three hungry tigers with raw chicken meat through the bars.

Other attractions you wouldn’t want to miss are the Orangutan Show, Sea Lion Show, and Spy War.

Safari World in Thailand
Safari World in Thailand
sleeping tigers
sleeping tigers
Adorable Bears in Bangkok
Adorable Bears in Bangkok

Fees and Opening Hours

Entrance fees to Bangkok Safari World may vary. Former visitors advise that it’s more affordable to buy Safari World Bangkok tickets (Safari Park and Marine Park entry) through travel ticketing or booking agents like Klook (as of writing time costs P1,439 for adults, visit KLOOK.

Buy Tickets

Walk-in park counter rates are as follows:

PackageThai Baht
Safari World & Marine Park15001400
Safari World & Marine Park + buffet lunch20001850
Safari Park1000900
Marine Park13001100
Marine Park + Buffet Lunch18001550
River Safari Ride390390
Safari Coach45


Opening hours are as follows:


  • Safari Park: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Marine Park: 9:00 am- to 5:00 pm
  • Restaurant (lunch buffet): 11:00 am to 2:00 pm


  • Safari Park: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Marine Park: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Restaurant (lunch buffet): 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

All in all, spending a day in Safari World in Bangkok is going to be truly epic and memorable especially for your kids and loved ones who would only get to see these beautiful species of animals living all around the globe through animal havens like Bangkok Safari World.

Bangkok Travel and Tour Packages

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