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On the last day of the Antipolo Media Tour 2019 where I was one of the participating bloggers, we went to Taytay, a municipality in Rizal. We were invited by the staff of Bagpi Garment Center (FB Page) to do a 500-peso challenge. Bagpi is one of the huge inexpensive and affordable stores you can find in the popular shopping spot in Taytay. It is just a couple of hour’s drive from Manila.

Bagpi Garment Center photo by Jaypee Maristaza
Bagpi Garment Center photo by Jaypee Maristaza
Visiting Bagpi Garment Center © Jaypee Maristaza
Visiting Bagpi Garment Center © Jaypee Maristaza

The challenge: How many pieces of garments can you buy with Php500?

Accepting the 500 Peso Challenge
Accepting the 500 Peso Challenge

Each participant was given a red envelope with Php500 in it. With great excitement, we ran towards Bagpi Garment Center as soon as they signaled the beginning of the challenge.

Shopping in Taytay Tiangge by Jaypee Maristaza

My eyes were brimming when I saw all kinds of garments that I wanted. Women love shopping, don’t we? Going around Bagpi, there’s plenty of garments to choose from. First, I carefully browsed through the tops that are only Php50 each. As soon as I took my pick, I moved on to the next piece of clothing.

Mariane completing the challenge by Jaypee Maristaza

My second purchase was a plain maroon turtle neck loose dress that was originally priced at Php120 but I got for only Php 100 because of haggling abilities. The rest of the money, I used for buying a fashionable long skirt for Php150, a one-piece bikini for Php100, and another floral dress for Php100. I got a total of 5 garments with my Php500, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

After the challenge, we had a chance to meet with the Bagpi Garment Center’s executives over dinner.

“Here at Bagpi Garment Center, the shopping experience is our top priority,” stated Mr. Manny Cruz, President of Bagpi Garment Center “Unlike other shopping areas, we provide safety and convenience for both buyers and tenants,” he added.

In fact, when a customer left her purse in one of the shopping stalls, it was immediately returned to her as the stall owner had kept it until it was claimed. Also, shop owners have permanent stalls in the center, hence shoppers can easily return to the shop in case they lost an important item or if they have any other complaints.

Bagpi Tiangge in Taytay Rizal
Bagpi Tiangge in Taytay Rizal

Bagpi Garment Center is well ventilated and has enough space between each stall for shoppers free to hop on.

And here are more reasons to shop at Bagpi Garment Center

  • It has a generator that sustains electricity in case of a power outage.
  • The main office is inside the Bagpi Garment Center, very accessible to shoppers who may want to raise a concern.
  • Bagpi Garment Center has security guards roaming around to keep shoppers safe.
  • The parking area is huge and can accommodate enough cars. The parking fee is Php50 all day.
  • There are many shops and stalls to choose from.
  • Other products and items are also available from home decors to accessories.
  • Shopping bags are also for sale for anyone who missed bringing theirs.
  • Should you have a clothing online business, you may buy bulk items or wholesale at Bagpi.
  • Guaranteed you’ll get a good deal of garments.

Take note that Bagpi Garment Center doesn’t have any ATMs so you may have to cross on the other side of the street to dispense cash. Mrs. __ one of the executives said that this is one of the important matters that they are looking into; they hope to install ATMs in their center soon.

For Bagpi Garment Center’s schedule, please refer to the photo below. You can also check them out on their official social media accounts.

Tiangge Shopping in Taytay
Tiangge Shopping in Taytay

The shopping center in Taytay has been running for 5 years. Did you know that the garments, accessories, and other items that can be found in Divisoria and Baclaran are being sourced from Taytay Rizal?

In conclusion, Bagpi Garment Center is where you can go to indulge in a shopping galore without hurting your budget. So if you’re looking for fashionable yet affordable clothes, head over to Bagpi Garment Center where you are sure to have a completely satisfying shopping experience.

To end our weary but amusing day, we shared dinner at Bahay Kawayan.

Special thanks to Bagpi Garment Center for our 500peso challenge. Mr. Cruz and all the executives, Mr. Mon of Bienvenido Tours who joined and supported us on this mega-fun activity!

Shopping at Bagpi Garment Center was so much fun and exciting! If you must come to Taytay Rizal, please check out Bagpi Garment Center and make sure to bring extra cash as I’m warning you, you might run out!

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