What Made Me Say It’s Most Fun to Travel in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country that is rich in beautiful and natural landscapes, incredible architecture, and an exciting and fascinating history. Some people come to the Philippines just for the fantastic weather, but others are curious about the way that this wonderful country has come back from cruel dictatorships to become a thriving and fun place to visit and live.

Oldest House in Batanes
Oldest House in Batanes

The thing that surprises people the most, and the reason that I think traveling in the Philippines is especially fun, is the happiness and joy that the people of this beautiful country share with everyone around them.

Life in Batanes
Life in Batanes

Pinoy’s are just truly Happy People! A smile on their face just comes out naturally. They are satisfied with finding ways to make due, stay content, and they’re always looking for a reason to laugh and joke around. When you travel in a country where the people are unfriendly, cold, or suffering, that feeling is transferred to you as a traveler – even if you’re happy to be on vacation and visiting a new place!

But in the Philippines, you can’t help but join in on the jokes, smile along with the people around you, and enjoy everything this country has to offer.

Mahatao Lighthouse in Batanes
Mahatao Lighthouse in Batanes

Additionally, there are some of the most interesting and beautiful places to visit that are essentially new to travelers from around the world. As you all know, I started promoting the Philippines online back in 1994 and I have already explored most of the beautiful tourist spots in the country.

Melo Villareal in Batanes January 2005
Melo Villareal in Batanes January 2005

Of all the beautiful places I’ve been, I consider Batanes being my favorite. I’ve been to this island several times already but this place never gets old and each trip creates entirely unique memories.

Roadtrip in Batanes
Roadtrip in Batanes

One of the reasons why I love Batanes is its enchanting beauty and one of the places I keep on visiting in the main island is the rolling hills that is popularly known as Marlboro Hills. I just love the panoramic view of the mountains, the rolling hills and the wild waves that can be seen from afar.

Another must visit is the island of Sabtang. A boat ride to Sabtang Island is quite challenging but your Batanes trip will never be complete without visiting this ecotourism and cultural destination.

Valugan Beach
Valugan Beach

An inactive volcanic island, Sabtang is a municipality where the original Ivatan houses of lime and stone can still be found. A beautiful beach called Nakanmuan Beach can also be found in the island of Sabtang. The place is so amazing and it’s a great place to swim, dive, or just lounge around and enjoy the beach.
The unspoiled island offers you serenity, total relaxation and never ending fun while discovering its white sand beaches, and beautiful landscape. From sunrise to sunset, this northern group of islands never fails to fascinate me.

Bogart the Explorer Presents The Happy Filipino (Part 1)

But I guess no matter how you love a destination, there will always be a destruction. In Batanes, the only destruction is the lack of it but what makes me miss the Metropolis? Oh it’s the midnight snacks, the coffee shops, my favorite Jollibee Yumburger and the smiling huge bee’s we see in almost every corner of Manila.

Bogart the Explorer Presents The Happy Filipino (Part 2)

With all these, Will I consider visiting Batanes Again? Hell Yeah! But I’ll hoard Jollibee Yumburger’s and bring it to the island and probably bring my coffee press so I can enjoy various coffee blends from my personal collection.

When you visit the Philippines, you cannot miss our beautiful beaches, exquisite diving opportunities, the hiking, the Philippine Jeepneys, or cultural and historical treasures. And you’ll really be seeing something that most people you know haven’t seen before – sharing a new travel treasure with the world.

And all the while, you’ll be happy to see smiling, friendly faces around who are glad you’re here to share a drink, a laugh, and the sunshine! Be happy like a Filipino! Visit the Philippines:)

  1. Adelle says

    Smile! You’re in the Philippines!

  2. melo says

    @Adelle – In the Philippines, theres always a reason to smile:)

  3. holiday in philippines says

    Its more fun in the Philippines talaga! Awesome shots.. Bogart the explorer my idol

  4. Joyce says

    Filipinos are smiling even they have so many problems in life. The smiling face is their Masskara to hide their true feelings.

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