What is a Boutique Hotel?

What Exactly is a Boutique Hotel?

Almost all travelers experience this, especially when you go to Europe and North America. You’d often come across places who identify themselves as boutique hotels. But what is a boutique hotel? What makes a boutique hotel?

The Henry Cebu Boutique Hotel
The Henry Cebu Boutique Hotel (check rates)

When you hear the word “boutique,” luxury somewhat comes to mind. Although they sound the same, they are not. In this article, we’ll give you an idea of what a boutique hotel really is. There are no specific rules for a hotel to be called a boutique hotel, but there are guidelines that are usually followed.

Wanderlust Boutique Hotel Singapore
Wanderlust Boutique Hotel Singapore (check rates)

First, a boutique hotel is small in scale. Usually independent, it will not have greater than 100 rooms as it wants to feel more personal and intimate rather than just appear like one commercial sleeping space. However, it should not be too small, with less than 10 rooms, for it will already be called a B&B (bed and breakfast) or inn.

TENFACE Bangkok Hotel
Tenface Bangkok Hotel (check rates)

Second, it offers that certain level of personalized service which can’t be practically applied in bigger hotels. In most boutique hotels, the staff most likely knows each guest’s name and renders service 24 hours a day. Also, the staff of a boutique hotel has to be aware of the needs of each guest, unlike in non-boutiques where the staff asks and responds on the spot.

Hotel Villa Magna Madrid
Hotel Villa Magna Madrid (check rates)

Location-wise, it is situated in the city center or in a posh portion of the metropolis such as the shopping districts. And because it’s in a trendy area of the city, it should offer a unique theme which serves as significant factor for travelers like you to be convinced to stay there for a time. Sometimes, we just want a place that’s totally different, yet feels like home.

Hotel Parc Plaza Paris
Hotel Parc Plaza Paris (check rates)

Associated with the theme is the atmosphere which encompasses the hotel’s ambience, decors and interior design, and the mindset of the staff which when blended well will bring together all guests and create that sense of belonging in the place.

Haymarket Hotel London
Haymarket Hotel London (check rates)

Besides providing a cozy accommodation, it acts to create a transitory community, one which travelers look forward to being a part of. You’ll notice that guests would usually meet in the lobby or restaurant to socialize from the hotel chef’s invitation. And what’s not to love in this hotel when yummy cuisine special to the locale is celebrated. You’ll definitely love to stay in this place!

Hotel Indigo Rome
Hotel Indigo Rome (check rates)

As you can see, boutique hotels cater and adjust to the needs of guests. As time goes by, these boutique hotels will continuously evolve and pursue its flexibility in order to offer more than what traditional and other hotel types usually offer. Boutique hotels, in its pursuit to get on with what’s in, will change for the better. And this is what makes a boutique hotel — ability to change as needed.


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