Warning: This Video will make you go to Camiguin Now!

No Words Camiguin Video

Just in time for the Lanzones Festival this coming October 22 to 31, the Camiguin Tourism Office launched it’s “No Words” ad campaign. Unlike other campaigns in the country, this campaign video is a combination of charm and humor that will surely help you chase away the bad vibes of the Monday blues and will make you want to go to Camiguin now.

Camiguin Tourism Video
Watching the video will make you want to go and #FeelCamiguin. [Image Credit: Camiguin Tourism Office/Facebook]

The Island Born of Fire

Camiguin, known as the “Island Born of Fire” is an island located in Mindanao, Philippines. It is small and simple, but it never fails to amaze both Filipinos and foreign visitors.

Facebook Video Camiguin
It is also a favorite diving spot of foreigners. [Image Credit: Camiguin Tourism Office/Facebook]

“No Words”

The video started with a tourist talking to her friend who unfortunately left her alone because of a work emergency while complaining about how small and boring Camiguin is and what she will do in the area alone. She met a friendly mute tour guide who took her for a joy ride while riding a motorcycle. Although she was reluctant and feared the tourist guide at first, as the video progressed, the main character was caught by the island’s beauty.

The whole video showed all the different breathtaking sightseeing places, mouthwatering delicacies, and friendly natives of Camiguin. It also showcased the colorful Lanzones Festival.

Never Say “No”

Who will say “no” to the clear waters, fresh seafood, and serenity of the whole island? Watching the video made us go lost for words, what more if we’re already on the island?

Camiguin Promotion Video
The video did not only showcase the festival, it also showed the beauty of the whole island. [Image Credit: Camiguin Tourism Office/Facebook]
Facebook Video Camiguin
Who will say “no” to this? [Image Credit: Camiguin Tourism Office/Facebook]

Let’s all pack our bags and head to the beautiful island of Camiguin! Make sure to go between October 23 to 31 and see the colorful and festive “Lanzones Festival.”

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