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Visiting the coastal town of Benidorm

Benidorm Travel Guide

Planning a vacation this holiday to Spain is an excellent idea. Spain is a country near the Mediterranean Sea where you are having the possibility to engrave breathtaking and unforgettable memories into your mind, by laying on the sun and having a walk on the beach of this beautiful sea.

benidorm resorts
Resorts in Benidorm

Benidorm – the best choice for coastal town trips

Are you confused with the city to visit in Spain? Is it your biggest dream to spend a pleasant vacation in a city situated near the sea? In this case, the best choice is to book a great value holidays to Benidorm, a coastal town in Spain where you are having the possibility to make all the moments of your holiday as being special and pleasant.

Why visit Benidorm?

In previous times, Benidorm was a small village that was known by less people. Nowadays, due to the fact that the entire coastal city is considered as being a real tourist attraction, Benidorm became one of the most famous coastal cities for its enormous hotels and beaches. Notice that a lot of people who visit Spain don`t miss to see Benidorm or simply decide to spend a wonderful holiday in the city. All these general facts should already convince you that it`s worth visiting the coastal town of Benidorm.

Tourism, nightlife, main attractions

What you can keep in mind, as additional or interesting information regarding to the tourism of Benidorm is the fact that the coastal city receives tourists each year mostly from Germany, UK, Netherlands and other similar countries.

Nightlife in this coastal town is amazing, because you are having the possibility to walk every time you want on the streets of the city and listen to the sounds of nightlife. No matter if you`re a teenager, an adult with your entire family which came in Benidorm or you`re already older, you are still having the possibility to choose from a wide range of bars, restaurants and clubs to feel good in night time. Regarding to the elderly people, what`s interesting about Benidorm is the fact that more and more such people come to visit the coastal city in winter. In conclusion, Benidorm is not famous only for teenagers and entire families; elderly people are also big fans of this wonderful coastal town.

The list of the three main beaches of the city looks as following:

  • Playa de Levante
  • Playa de Poniente
  • Platja del Mal Pas

No matter which of these beaches you`d choose for your vacation in Benidorm, all of these beaches offer a fantastic sight of the city. This is the place what we call paradise for real! If you are willing to benefit of luxurious accommodation, the coastal city has the most popular and tallest hotel in Europe for you, the so-called Gran Hotel Bali.

Summer is the best season for your holiday in Benidorm, because you can be part of the big music festivals here, the Benidorm International Song Festival and the Indie Music Festival, where Spanish celebrities such as Julio Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias and Raphael are entertaining their audience.

Can you imagine a better vacation than the one spent in Benidorm?

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