Travel Gadgets: UrbanEars Slussen Tomato Jack adapter Review

UrbanEars has recently launched a new product named UrbanEars Slussen Tomato Jack adapter which is considered to be one of the dominant after-party weapons available to users. Typically, a U-shaped small adapter, UrbanEars Slussen Tomato provides users a dual usage option when connected with an iPhone. By simply using this jack adapter, users can connect their iPhone in two ways, through headphones and external speakers together at the same time. Slussen Tomato as a product can be conveniently used to enjoy a true and exciting DJing experience for users all-around.

UrbanEars Slussen Tomato
UrbanEars Slussen Tomato with UrbanEars Headset and Braven Speakers

UrbanEars Slussen Tomato Review

Based on free iOS software application, UrbanEars Slussen Tomato Jack adapter sports a small pocket size keychain design which offers the convenience to hang it down and hold parties anywhere anytime. A simple packaging design itself proves to be eye-catching. It is possible to attune the adapter with the latest Apple devices (iPad or iPod).

The Slussen Tomato jack adapter contains in itself all core applications involving specific functionalities which can be used to set up a small DJ deck on the phone. The product feature involves gold plated connectors with 3-way splitter signals. The product offers a frequency range of 5–2150 MHz with a 3.5 mm audio cable interface. The product dimensions are 5.91“ H x 5.91“ W x 0.5“ L with a total weight of 0.2 Lb.

Urban Ears Slussen Tomato
Urban Ears Slussen Tomato

UrbanEars Slussen Tomato Jack adapter specifically displays two main ports allowing users to connect the headphones and output speakers as well. Users have the unique option to cue up music tracks on mobile phones in a very easy manner, which is done in a full setup. It is important to lead the deck and turn on the cue feature so as to preview the listed tracks in the headphones. This is truly an amazing feature which users can very conveniently use.

UrbanEars Slussen Tomato Jack
UrbanEars Slussen Tomato Jack

The jack adapter displays striking programs or features, namely, Cross fader, Sync, equalizer, BPM, All Kill and scratch functions. A sensitive and accurate touch feature is incorporated into the product. The graphic user interface (GUI) feature is also very much commendable as it clearly displays the wave form variations of the music track played, song title and the current time as well.

UrbanEars Slussen Tomato Jack Adapter
UrbanEars Slussen Tomato Jack Adapter

The Slussen Tomato” Jack adapter offers diverse options which can be very simply used by users. It is possible to mix two or three tracks together, scratch the track tunes, control BPM and cue further tracks. An auto sync option is also provided inside the adapter if the user genuinely feels bored or lazy to mix tunes or tracks individually. The cross fader option allows users to fade an incoming tune to a specific tune. A pre-listening feature is incorporated into this product which allows users to listen to a particular track while another is either being played or while planning to play the immediate track.

The product package comes with a key ring which prevents misplacement of adapters by users. The UrbanEars “Slussen Tomato” Jack adapter is available in 4 diverse color ranges such as tomato, pumpkin, petrol and grape. The significant feature of this jack adapter is related with the squashed and portable design which offers the dual option to listen to great tunes while still keeping it as a key chain in your pocket.

UrbanEars Slussen Tomato Jack adapter is available at the following Resellers: Astrovision/Astroplus, Automatic Center, Avant, Beyond The Box, Bratpack, Greenbelt 5, Buzz, Complex, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Egghead, Electroworld, Gadgets in Style, GUI, iCenter, iGig, iStudio, Mobile 1, Odyssey, Power Hub, Republik, ROX, Switch, Technoholics, Urban Athletics, Additekh and Banana Telecom.

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