Travel Guide: San Agustin, Romblon

Binucot Beach

San Agustin Romblon Travel Guide

San Agustin is one of the Municipalities of the Province of Romblon. It is found on the northeastern side of Tablas Island. Aside from their newly renovated Rizal and Tourism Park, San Agustin houses natural tourist attractions that have been well-preserved and protected.

Binucot Beach
Binucot Beach By mr.24, CC BY-SA 3.0

San Agustin is where you can find the only blue hole in the Philippines known today. The municipality also has the second-highest mountain in the province. And, this is also where you can find different types of waterfalls. Find out more below:

1. Trangkalan Falls, located at Brgy. Bachavan

Trangkalan Falls is a series of low-level waterfalls. You can find some areas where you can take a swim. Careful on the areas where there are huge blocks of rocks. Those areas can be slippery and are where you may only take a shower, not swim. On the side of the falls are huts where you can rest or eat.

Trangkalan Falls in San Agustin Romblon
Trangkalan Falls in San Agustin Romblon

Trangkalan Falls is only 30 minutes away from the San Agustin town proper. It is easily accessible by motorcycle or car. Along the way to the falls, you can come across three sculptures of Jesus Christ, which depict His crucifixion, death, and resurrection.

2. San Agustin Rizal and Tourism Park

San Agustin Rizal and Tourism Park
San Agustin Rizal and Tourism Park

After undergoing a renovation, San Agustin Rizal and Tourism Park is now more instagrammable, cleaner, and greener. This is now a safer and ideal playground for children.

3. Busay Falls, located at Dubduban

Dubduban-Bita Falls or Busay Falls (Some spell it as Busai Falls) is 3 kilometers away from San Agustin town. The drop-off to the lowest level of the waterfalls will take a 10 to 15-minute hike. The farther you get, the harder the hike gets. The rock wall formations, especially in falls nos. 4 and 5, are incredibly remarkable.

No need to pay for entrance fee or anything. There are no bathrooms, though. You can bring your own food and bottled water. There are picnic tables available at the first tier. With the green surroundings and sounds of the waterfalls, you can definitely relax.

4. Mt. Payaopao – the 2nd tallest mountain in the province of Romblon

The second highest mountain in Romblon, Mt. Payaopao, is also known as Tablas Summit. Its shape is similar to a volcano. The first stop of your climb will be an open meadow hill where you can already get a view of Carmen Bay. After going through a steeper incline, the peak of the mountain will be more rewarding.

Mt. Payaopao
Mt. Payaopao photo by Romblon Island Tour Facebook

You can ask for a local tour guide who can accompany you to Mt. Payaopao. This, though, may not be an ideal hiking place for kids. The average hike time can take four hours.

5. Fish Sanctuary – located at Brgy. Carmen and Brgy. Cobolutan

A Fish Sanctuary has been designated in Carmen Bay. It is a good place for snorkeling. This is where you can get to experience a close encounter with different marine species.

Under the deep waters of Carmen Bay, the Sunken Spanish Galleon can be visited. Its remnants became a home for different marine animals. It is definitely a must-see diving site.

6. Blue Hole- Located at Barangay Cawayan

The only discovered blue hole in the Philippines can be found in the northeastern part of San Agustin. The average travel time by boat from the town proper to the bay of Brgy. Cawayan is about an hour.

Blue Hole in Tablas Island Romblon
Blue Hole in Tablas Island Romblon

The Blue Hole in San Agustin is a well-known diving destination. It is rich in different and rare marine species. The diving site can be an ideal site for beginners. However, beginners are only allowed to dive within 30 meters deep. Only licensed scuba divers are allowed to go beyond 30 meters deep.

7. Biaringan Islet –located at Bargay Ma-baybay

Biaringan Island
Biaringan Island photo by The Trekking Jay of Romblon

Biaringan Island is a small island located right across the Carmen bay. At the trails of Mt. Payaopao, you can get an overlooking view of the islet. You can hop on the island and get a closer look at its rock formation. You can also take a swim in the area.

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