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Travel Guide: Best Places to Visit in Catanduanes

twin rock beach

Catanduanes Tourist Attractions

Rugged, rustic, riveting. The island province of Catanduanes is all these and more.

The province, being geographically located in the easternmost part of the Bicol region facing the Pacific Ocean, has been called “The Land of the Howling Wind” for a reason – it is, more often than not, the starting point of tropical storms entering the country. Strong winds bring ceaseless, barreling waves to its shores, thus transforming it to majestic beaches perfect for surfing, swimming or sightseeing.

Visit in Catanduanes Binurong Point
Binurong Point By Gobautista – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 Visit in Catanduanes

But then again, this island province bordered by water has more to offer. With 11 municipalities of distinct characteristics and charm, Catanduanes is a budding tourist destination in Bicol that gives travelers a genuine encounter with nature and culture. “The Happy Island”, as it is now fondly called, exudes raw and unspoilt beauty evident in the bodies of water and land formations that constitute the island.

rocks puraran beach
rock formations in Puraran beach Photo source: Puraran Surf Beach Resort – Best Places to Visit in Catanduanes

If you’re planning to visit Catanduanes soon, which I highly recommend you do, include these destinations in your itinerary.

For sightseeing and nature tripping:

Balacay Point

Be stunned by the captivating view of the Pacific horizon dotted by hills and islets.

Maribina, Hicming and Nahulugan Falls

Take a dip into refreshingly clear water coming down from several meters high while being enveloped by lush greenery.

hicming falls
Hicming Falls – Photo source: Catanduanes Tourism Promotion

Binurong Point

binurong point
binurong point

After a 20 to 30-minute easy trek, you can spend hours gazing at the rolling green hills and rugged cliffs of this Batanes look-alike.

For learning about Catanduanes’ history and heritage:

Bato Church

Also known as St. John the Baptist Church, this century-old, Baroque-style church is a charmer full of stories.

True to its name, the church is made from stones or bato.

Museo de Catanduanes

museo de catanduanes
museo de catanduanes

Learn about Catandungan history and legacy through important artifacts and antique materials preserved in this building,

puraran beach
puraran beach

Our Lady of Sorrows Church and Shrine of the Holy Cross

holy cross church
the Shrine of the Holy Cross in Bato

Posing distinct interiors, these churches are frequented by pilgrims for their petitions of healing.

For beach bumming and adrenaline-pumping activities:

Puraran Beach

The breathtaking long-barrel type surf in Puraran beach is something serious and novice surfers would love. As surfers say, “The waves here are not necessarily bigger, but definitely stronger.”

wave at puraran beach resort
low tide in Puraran beach revealing groups of rocks and pebbles along the shoreline / strong, barrel-like waves at Puraran beach Photo source: Puraran Surf Beach Resort

Twin Rock Resort

twin rock beach
the plank at Twin Rock resort where people jump into the deep water

Named after the two iconic rocks on its shoreline, this developed resort attracts locals and tourists with a stunning panoramic view of giant rocks and boulders, floating huts and strong waves.

Luyang Cave

The mystery lying within the cave is enough to make you explore inside. An excellent view of Mt. Cagmasoso is standing from a distance.

luyang cave
entrance to Luyang Cave

Amenia Beach

Amenia Beach
Amenia Beach

With a cream-colored sandbar parting the pellucid waters, it won’t take long before you take a dip into this inviting beach swaddled by a relaxing mood.

Places to Stay in Catanduanes

For affordable hotels, resorts and other types of accommodation in Catanduanes, visit Agoda and get discounted room rates.

How to get to Catanduanes:

By air

Take a direct flight from NAIA Terminal 3 to Virac Airport via Cebu Pacific. The flight takes less than an hour and is available every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

By land and water

Ride a bus in Manila bound to Tabaco City, Albay. From the seaport of Tabaco, hop across the sea via a RORO ferry to reach the island of Catanduanes via San Andres or Virac seaport.

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