5 Tips for travelling with children

travelling with kids

In case you’re travelling with the little ones!

Travelling with children can be a quite a challenge but the journey can be simplified by planning ahead and being able to pre-empt your child’s temperament. It gets easier and more experienced travellers who have agree that planning ahead beats all the drama that may come from the kids being bored, restless and curious.

travelling with children
travelling with children

1. Be cognisant of time

 Make room for delays that your child may cause, she may throw a tantrum when arrive at the airport, take a toilet break or simply explore.  Book your trip and accommodation well in advance. Arrive at all departure points on time and consider a road trips for short trips. If you’re going to a strange town be sure to familiarise yourself with interesting sites to distract and entertain.

2. Share responsibilities with your children

Travelling with your children can be a chance to develop their ability to take on certain responsibilities like watching the fuel gage if you are driving, taking pictures, playing music and even answering the phone when the parent is driving. This is a fun way to enjoy the holiday and share the load.

3. Be prepared for all events

Check the climate for your destination well in advance and be sure to pack separate bags for each child and be sure they are dress. If your toddler is potty training, it may ideal to use pull ups in case toilets are too far or less than hygienic. Having a first aid kit (wipes, plasters, sting treatment and a thermometer) for an extended journey and a bottle of paracetomol and/or allergy syrup comes highly recommended.

travelling with kids
travelling with kids

4. Take advantage of technology and public transport

It’s always best to use public transport in a different city as cuts down costs for hiring a car; meter taxi apps provide you with the convenience to travel around the city with a few taps. Instead packing a lot of toys, add some apps to your phone of tablet for them.  

5. Update documents in time

Before your trip, make that all relevant documentation is available including written consent from one of the parents, passports and birth certificate where necessary and even an avadavat in some cases. Clerical jobs are increasingly becoming a nightmare because of late or last minute applications for documentation.

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