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Travel Gadgets I Just Can’t Live Without


I know I’m not a light traveler, my travel buddies can attest to that. I love gadgets and the reason I always carry a second bag is to make sure my gadgets are extra protected.

Can I still travel light? Yes I can but since I prefer to always bring my gadgets, I will have to travel with an extra bag except for destinations where I really cant use those gadgets. Here are the travel gadgets I just can’t live without :

Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras

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Cameras – Aside from my Nikon D90 DSLR, I always bring my Lumix LX5 digital camera as my extra camera. I also make sure to bring other lenses, extra batteries and chargers.

My Mobile Phones
My Mobile Phones

Smartphones – This serves as my music player, notepad, clock, mobile phone and believe me.. its the most effective alarm clock ever:)

iPad – I love watching movie during long road trips, one thing I don’t do on a regular basis. Ipad also has nice apps for image cropping and editing. iPad can be used for pretty much anything like you would do with a laptop; however writing on it takes a lot more time.

Macbook Pro
Macbook Pro

My Macbook – I really cant travel without my laptop. I just love live blogging, working with my backlogs and following other travel bloggers when I have free time:)

Smart Bro Pocket Wifi
Smart Bro Pocket Wifi

Pocket Wifi – As a travel blogger and photographer, being able to post photos on my blog and social media accounts in real time from any location is a big boon, thanks to the reliable and speedy wireless Internet connection from Smart Bro.

Im a huge fan of Smart Bro pocket Wifi. With this gadget, I no longer have to worry if the hotel where I will be staying offers a Wifi connection because with my Smart Bro, I will always have a guaranteed internet connection.

If you want hassle free internet connection, get SMART Bro Pocket Wifi Plan 999 (Postpaid) and enjoy unlimited internet anywhere you go. On the other hand, if you get only the device with a Prepaid sim where you can avail of the Unlisurf and Always On offers, the device is now discounted from P3,895 to just P2,895.



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  1. Agree with all of the gadgets above. Starting to consider getting a personal wifi as hotels and resorts fee are way too high.
    Question though, do you take all 3 phones with you when you travel? if so, how come?

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