Macbook Pro 2020
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Macbook Pro 2020: Next MacBook Pro to Sport Upgraded New Hardware, But Lack Software Updates

New MacBook Pro 2020 price, release date, keyboard and specs

The new 2020 MacBook Pro is going to sport new hardware updates. This is according to new MacBook Pro leaks.

On the other hand, it is said that the new MacBook Pro 2020 lacks software updates.

Macbook Pro 2020
Macbook Pro 2020

It seems that the much-loved Face ID that landed on iPhone platforms some three years ago will soon arrive at this Apple’s new device.

It is also worth mentioning that it seems that Apple is pushing its iPad Pro as “the next laptop.” This is according to an article posted on Forbes.

The world has also seen during the March launch of the latest iPad Pro the unveiling of the so-called Magic Keyboard for the said device. It comes with better pointer support within the iPadOS, a trackpad, along with scissor-switch keys for its keyboard.

Yes, it seems that Apple is focusing its marketing efforts on the iPad Pro. Apart from receiving a new form factor, it also has an amped-up software and a multitude of online advertisements. The iPad Pro, according to many, is now the biggest rival of the Surface Pro from Microsoft.

The MacBook Air also receives some love from the tech-giant as it now comes with some hardware updates along with the new keyboard.

MacBook Pro to Sport Upgraded New Hardware
MacBook Pro to Sport Upgraded New Hardware

2020 Macbook Pro Release Date and Price

Now, with regard to the exact release date of the next MacBook Pro 2020, information is still scarce. There are some rumors, though, that give some clues for the agog Apple fans out there. There are some that say Apple is cooking a big event for March 31, in which the company is going to unwrap its new MacBook Pro 13, according to Digital Trends. However, some say the date is earlier in the year than the company usually unveils its new MacBook Pro models.

In any case, let us just take this news with a grain of salt.

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