Travel Gadgets: Hailed as “The Battery King”; ASUS Unveiled Their Latest Asus ZenFone Max Plus

ASUS Executives Pose with Zenny as they present the ZenFone Max Plus - The Battery King Smartphone

ASUS Revealed Their “Battery King” ZenFone Max Plus Smartphone

Finally! The “Battery King”, ASUS Zenfone Max Plus is kicking the New Year with a bang. The smartphone from the Zenfone Max series features a whole day of single charging and also their first 18:9 full view FHD+display smartphone ever; the perfect companion to travelers out there.

ASUS Executives Pose with Zenny as they present the ZenFone Max Plus - The Battery King Smartphone
ASUS Executives Pose with Zenny as they present the ZenFone Max Plus – The Battery King Smartphone

ZenFone Max Plus Is the Battery King

Travelers will celebrate the smartphone’s big screen, dual rear camera, face, and fingerprint recognition software and of course, its long battery life. It’s also lightweight but with the guarantee of high-quality performance especially with its picture-taking options which is what travelers will really love to document their adventures.

MAXimum Display

The smartphone’s Full HD+5.7 inch display gives travelers the opportunity to see pictures, videos and other files in the phone clearly with its ultrawide 18:9 aspect ratio with bezels only taking up a small space of the smartphone making way for 80% screen-to-body ratio.  With its incredible widescreen, scrolling through websites is no longer a problem and for multi-tasking travelers, a generous two apps option on the screen is also possible.

This smartphone comes in a slim, metallic finish and a 2.5D-curved front edges so it’s the champion in ease when it comes to holding the phone. You can choose from Deep Sea Black, Sunlight Gold and Azure Silver.

Country Manager George Su and the ZenFone Max Plus
Country Manager George Su and the ZenFone Max Plus

MAXimum Photos

The photo feature of this smartphone is superb. There’s a f/2.0 selfie camera, an advanced dual rear camera with 16MP Pixel Master main camera that has f/2.0 aperture lens for precise photos and PDAF (phase-detection autofocus) meant for moving subject; this feature enables to focus on the moving subject in a matter of 0.03 seconds.

It also has a secondary 120° wide-angle camera which shows off a 200% wider field of view which gives the opportunity to fit as much space into a photo.

MAXimum Stamina

This smartphone’s best feature is the lifespan which gives you up to 26 hours on standby, 26 hours of 3G talk time, up to 21 hours of Wi-Fi use or up to 13 hours of watching video/s. It can also be a useful power bank to other devices.

The reason for this is ASUS POWERMASTER which is a multi-power management app that optimizes battery usage, safety, long-term performance, reverse charging capacity, etc. The safety maintenance which includes temperature monitoring and overvoltage protection allows its maximum usage.

MAXimum Security

The Face Unlock option in the smartphone is the first of its kind in the series and one of the few smartphones to have it. It’s a welcome substitute to fingerprint sensor.

ZenTalk Community together with Product Marketer, Mike Santos
ZenTalk Community together with Product Marketer, Mike Santos

ZenFone Max Plus Welcomes Gerald Anderson

Gerald Anderson, the Action Drama Prince is the newest member of the ASUS family as their newest amabassador for ZenFone Max Plus joining drama actress, Ms. Bea Alonzo, the Brand Ambassador for ZenFone 4 and the ZenFone 4 Selfie Series.

ZenFone Max Plus fits Gerald perfectly due to his active, busy and all around lifestyle which is what this smatphone is all about. 

Market Price

For only PHP 11,995.00, ZenFone Max Plus can be yours! On-site buyers were given limited edition ZenFone Max Plus jackets and Zenny Dolls during the launch and buyers beginning January 14, 2018 will be given limited edition JBL Bluetooth Headset, patented clear case and OTG cable until supplies last.

This January 2018, ASUS will open 6 stores and 2 lounges for ZenFone fans.; this makes the ZenFone Concepts Stores and ZenFone Lounges nationwide 18 in total.

Home Credit also offers ZenFone Max plus with 0% interest for 6 months.

Visit the Official Facebook Page and ASUS ZenTalk Forum for more details.

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