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Tour of Little India – A taste of Bollywood in Singapore


After visiting the famous Chinatown, we headed to Little India for a short walking tour of Singapore’s Indian District. It’s like I was time space warped (if there’s such a word), this time from China to India.

Sri Veeramakalimman Temple
Sri Veeramakalimman Temple

The place looks pretty much the same as Chinatown since the streets of Little India is also composed of colorful shophouses but the scent of jasmine garlands, Indian spices and the sounds of Bollywood made me realize that I’m in a completely different world.

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Singapore Trip Day 2
Inside the Temple

Little India is a famous place in Singapore that is known for sari fabrics, Punjabi tops and pants, silk products, furnitures, gold accessories, souvenir shops, hena tattoo shops and specialty shops that sells spices.

jasmine garlands
Little India Flower Shops

Little India is located in the east side of the Singapore River and north of Kampong Glam. This ethnic quarter was the home of the first Indian settlers who arrived Singapore back in 1819.

Indian Magazines
Indian Magazines

We first visited the Sri Veeramakalimman Temple – the largest Hindu Temple in Serangoon. The Sri Veeramakalimman Temple also became the centre for their sociocultural activities.

hindu temple
Sri Veeramakalimman Temple

Today the Temple also became the meeting place of many Hindu tourist from India and workers from Tamil Nadu. Visiting the temple is free but make sure to take off your shoes before entering the temple.

Sari Shops in Singapore
Sari Shops in Singapore

We also sampled some of the Indian delicacies after visiting the temple and while walking towards the northern part of Serangoon, we saw by several souvenir shops that sells saris, gold bangles and bollywood music and movie dvd’s which is pretty much abundant in every alleyway.

House of Spices
House of Spices

Unlike Chinatown, there’s not much Tech and gadget stores in Little India but a Gadget Mecca called Sim Lim in Rochor Canal Road is just right across the street.

Gold Accessories in Little India
Gold Accessories in Little India

We didn’t get a chance to sample Indian cuisine available mostly in Serangoon road since we have a scheduled buffet lunch in Tepak Sireh Restoran after our Kampong Glam tour. I might go back this  year to checkout some of Little India’s best restaurants.

Indian Bangles
Indian Bangles

Little India is packed with interesting things to discover. Too many things to explore.. too little time 🙁

Indian Sweets
Indian Sweets

Famous MRT entry points are the North-East line, Farrer Park station near Serangoon road and Bugis station on the East-West line if you plan to visit Little India via MRT.

Next Stop : Kampong Glam



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  4. Hi

    Would appreciate if someone could tell me where I may buy DVDs of Bollywood movies? None of the regular DVD stores seem to carry any dvds on Bollywood movies.

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