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Top five underrated beach destinations in USA

Makena Beach in Maui Hawaii

5 Most Underrated Beaches in America to Visit This Summer

Beach holidays can be a delight and most individuals like to visit a spot that is pretty and secluded, where it’s safe to swim or to go snorkeling or where they are able to laze about peacefully soaking up the sunshine.

Overcrowded beaches, on the other hand, can be very disappointing – loud music or conversation and sand kicked up by other people is no-one’s idea of a good time. Here are five places to go that are less well known, but undeservedly so.

Mexico Beach, Florida 

Mexico Beach in Florida by Balon Greyjoy via Wikipedia CC
Mexico Beach in Florida By Balon Greyjoy – Own work, CC0, CC

Still a well-kept secret, Mexico Beach is well worth the effort that is needed to get there. A secluded part of the Florida Panhandle, it’s roughly 30 miles to the east of Panama City. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are crystal clear, warm, and clean, and the sugar-like sand here is unusual, being composed of quartz crystals originating from the Appalachian Mountains.

The beach is five miles long and is well cared for – no glass of any kind is permitted and no open fires, so it’s safe and clean for all the family. In particular, visitors are encouraged to respect and protect the resident sea turtles, their beach nests, and their habitat.

Ocracoke Island Beach, North Carolina

Ocracoke Island Beach, North Carolina by Corey Balazowich via Flickr CC
Ocracoke Island Beach, North Carolina by Corey Balazowich via Flickr CC

A most secluded spot, Ocracoke Island Beach is accessible by ferry from Hatteras Island, or there is a small aircraft service. The natural beauty of the island environment makes it particularly appealing for a vacation package and at its southern end, Ocracoke is famous as the place where the pirate Blackbeard died.

The beach here is composed of fine sand and popular pastimes include fishing. One unusual feature is the number of musicians who live on the island; there is a weekly music session at the Ocrafolk Opry and the annual Ocrafolk Festival features live music over a long weekend, with a range of performances to suit every taste.

Maui Island, Hawaii

Makena Beach in Maui Hawaii
Makena Beach in Maui Hawaii

There are always plenty of visitors in Maui because of its many attractions, its scenic beauty and its numerous and very good beaches. The upscale hotels are clustered near Wailea Beach, where volcanic outcrops line the sandy shores – a perfect spot for some quiet relaxation.

Kaihalulu Beach has remarkably exotic red sand – the result of volcanic activity in the distant past – and is a complete contrast to the white sands elsewhere and to the black sands of Waianapanapa State Park, where families can have a great hiking day out.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores, Alabama by John Tuggle via Flickr CC
Gulf Shores, Alabama by John Tuggle via Flickr CC

Not normally associated with beach vacation packages, Alabama’s big surprise is Gulf Shores. The coastline is an extension of the Florida Panhandle and has all the same resources as Florida beaches – minus the crowds and the expense.

A welcoming community, it’s perfect for families that enjoy peaceful beaches and outdoor activities – especially wildlife refuges and historic sites. Golf and fishing enthusiasts are also catered for extremely well.

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Kiawah Island, South Carolina by OzarksRozorback via Wikipedia CC
Kiawah Island, South Carolina By OzarksRazorback – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,  CC

For a romantic getaway, Kiawah Island is ideal with its ten miles of beach and striking scenery, including marshlands and rivers. Beachwalker Park is a nature-lover’s paradise where visitors can paddle kayaks and canoes through the tidal inlets or view the many thousands of birds that visit St. Sam’s Inlet.

Four golf courses, tennis centers, and basketball courts cater to sports enthusiasts and there are 30 miles of cycle trails to explore.

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