Visiting Charleston: The Oldest City in South Carolina

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Whether a family chooses to travel Charleston or elsewhere in South Carolina for a vacation, there are a few tips to keep in mind in order to enjoy a safe road trip. One thing to do is make sure that children are in the correct type of safety seats. The guidelines for a child’s seat are related to a child’s age and size. Consider a few other tips so you and your family can stay safe and content while on the road.

Broad Street in Charleston SC
Broad Street in Charleston South Carolina (images by : Wikipedia)

Both parents and kids must always have their seat belts buckled during a road trip. Sometimes when families go on an extended road trip, they slip out of their seat belts for awhile. This is never a good idea. Even if a road has very little traffic, there is always a chance that an animal could dart out and cause an accident.

Snacks can help to keep kids happy especially during a long road trip. Parents may want to try to include some healthy snacks in the collection to keep the kids from overindulging in fattening foods while on vacation. Some great examples of snacks include granola, nuts, raisins, bananas and apple slices. Cheese and crackers are also a delicious snack for travelers of any age. These are simple snacks that don’t create a mess and don’t take up much space in a bag.

Games that children can play in the car are also good for keeping kids busy during a trip. Some companies design board games that are ideal for playing on the seat of a car. Games for the whole family include finding a license plate from every state on cars that are passing by. The ‘Do You See What I See?’ game is also fun. Games keep kids engaged and stop them from asking the dreaded question: ‘Are We There, Yet?’

Finally, taking along a familiar item can be especially helpful for a younger child who is not used to traveling in the car for long periods of time. A preschool age child or even a toddler may want to bring along a blanket or pillow that they always sleep with. A stuffed animal, book, toy or picture are also familiar items that may serve to keep a child calm during the trip. Parents will be glad to have these items if a child becomes over-tired during the journey and needs a little soothing relief.