Top 8 Things to Do in the Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highland To-Do List

Malaysia (which is made more popular by the tagline “Malaysia Truly Asia”) is a Southeast Asian country that boasts some of the world’s most spectacular and natural spots. If you are into nature and culture immersion, then this is the place to be. One of the most sought after places to go to is the Cameron Highlands, located 150 kilometers from the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Named after a British Expedition Leader William Cameron, it has been a very famous place (not only for the Brits) due to the cool climate. But since there are so many things you can do in this place, listed here are the Top 8, guaranteed worth doing activities while you are staying at Cameron Highlands, so go get a sketch pad or something, and include these in your to do list.

Tea Plantation Landscape Sunset
Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands

  1. Cup of tea, anyone?

A sip of tea is the best thing you could ever settle for on a typical rainy day. It’s calming, soothing, and invigorating. Did you ever wonder how your cup of tea is made? On the way going to Cameron Highlands, you will see a lot of Tea plantations everywhere. But there is this one cool and interesting plantation that you should never miss, and that’s the BOH Tea Plantation. First, they would tell you about the history of the plantation, then you will get to know about the different process of tea making and catch this, the plantation is known for using their same old equipment in the 1930s. Now isn’t that interesting to see and check out?

Foggy Morning in Cameron Highlands
Foggy Morning in Cameron Highlands

  1. Be in touch with the wild

Given, of course, that Malaysia is known for its beautiful forest, then why not grab the opportunity to enjoy the greenery? Bird Watching and Trekking are among the most famous things you can do around here. Enjoy the scenery and have your adrenaline pumping for a good walk on the trail (and yes, you have 14 trails to choose from). Just remember to gear up with the proper shoes and, of course, be reminded that it most often rains during the afternoons.

Who said that this is an activity you can only enjoy in the day? In Cameron Highlands, you can do more than that; after all, there are some things that you can only enjoy in the dark, and among them is walking around the jungle in the night. You can have this arranged by the travel agency, or ask someone to tourist guide to walk with you around.

Strawberry Farm in Cameron Highlands
Strawberry Farm in Cameron Highlands

  1. Taste the sweetest Berries

Muffins, Smoothies, Cookies, Jams, Tea, Dessert with the sweetest fillings, name it you’ll find every single food product (or buy the fruit itself) with strawberry here in Cameron Highlands. What’s not to love about strawberries?

If you want to see how these yummy fruits are grown, visit the Strawberry farm and take note that the entrance is free. If you want to try picking the berries and having them all to yourself, you may opt to pay a certain price for the berries you will pick.

Steamboat Dinner photo by Dennis Yip via Flickr Creative Commons
Steamboat Dinner photo by Dennis Yip via Flickr Creative Commons

  1. Experience Steamboat Cuisine

Any visit to any place in the world would never be complete without tasting the country’s culinary dishes’ bounties. Now, if you haven’t heard about Steamboat cuisine, then you are missing one-third of your culinary life. Steamboat AKA Hotpot is famous among Asian countries like Malaysia. There’s a pot of boiling water, various ingredients that you can freely put into the broth, then voila, the perfect ingredient to a homey gastronomic surprise. Some of the most notable restaurants with steamboats are You Hoo Seafood Restaurant, Yeong Wah Restaurant, Cactus View Restaurant, Fu Guang Vegetarian Restaurant, and Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat Restaurant.

Sam Poh Temple photo by Berend Broerse via Flickr Creative Commons
Sam Poh Temple photo by Berend Broerse via Flickr Creative Commons

  1. Explore Temples

Temples are one of the magnificent structures that you can see in any Asian place. In Cameron Highland, immerse yourself in the culture and Religion of Buddhism (which is one of the many religions in Malaysia) by visiting the Sam Poh Temple, sitting on top of a hill at the back of the town.

  1. Beautiful Critters on the palm of your hands

Found at Kea Farm in Brinchang, you can readily take pictures with these beautiful creatures. The species here are a mix of wild breeds and local breeds. This farm houses the butterfly sanctuary and has other animals living in tanks for people to see. The park is open from 8 am to 5 30 pm and sells tickets at 5 MYR per head.

Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands by Jerry Wong via Flickr Creative Commons
Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands by Jerry Wong via Flickr Creative Commons

  1. Cactus Everywhere!

They may look prickly and quite unattractive for quite a few but seeing them in vast multitudes would really just amaze you. Located on a hill slope overlooking Brinchang, The Cactus Valley houses a huge collection of cacti of different shapes and sizes. It’s open from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. Tickets are sold at 5 MYR for adults.

Lata Iskandar photo by Resake via Flickr Creative Commons
Lata Iskandar photo by Resake via Flickr Creative Commons

  1. Take a dip at Lata Iskandar

Lata Iskandar is a famous waterfall situated 25 kilometers before Ringlet. If you haven’t seen any waterfall in your entire life, then seeing Lata Iskandar could be a great way of beginning for you. It’s characterized by several layers of granite slopes and a small pool below the 25-meter drop. It can really be crowded though during the weekends, but you still get to enjoy bathing in nature.

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