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Top 3 Islands Announced By Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards Are In The Philippines

Palawan - Top 3 Islands in the World

Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards Names Three Islands In The Philippines In Top 3

Conde Nast announced at their 2017 awards ceremony that winners of the Top 3 Islands are all from the Philippines. These islands are Boracay, Cebu, and Palawan.

El Nido Island Hopping Tour
El Nido Island Hopping Tour

The Philippines is a tropical country with 7,000 islands. Most of these islands enjoy good summer days. The top islands are three of the most visited in the Philippines by tourists.

According to the secretary of the Philippine Department of Tourism, The top three islands don’t only have “jaw-dropping beaches” but they also different activities to choose from as well as boasting cultural heritage and wonderful food scene. “There is so much to be explored in the Philippines and we look forward to welcoming more travelers to our islands,” he added.

There has been a growing number of tourists from the Middle East going to the Philippines and was visited by a total of 83,546 tourists from that region which made way for 9.69% growth in 2015.

Paraw Sailing in Boracay
Paraw Sailing in Boracay


The “Best Island in The World” measures under 4 square miles. It’s a popular destination because of its fine white sand beaches, clear waters and beautiful sunsets. A lot of activities can accommodate the most adventurous souls to the laid-back souls like diving, horseback riding, golf, paddle boarding, cliff diving, kiteboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and windsurfing. The nightlife of the island is one of the many reasons why tourists keep coming back to the island. See Also: Ultimate Boracay Travel Guide

Sumilon Island in Cebu Best Islands in the World
Sumilon Island in Cebu Best Islands in the World


Cebu is a bustling city. Like Manila, it’s a busy place and people go there to experience a mix of island life in a city. There are historical sites to visit as well as Sinulog Festival to experience. A number of beautiful beaches are must see in Cebu while commercial areas are home to numerous shopping complex, Cebu hotels, restaurants, and bars. One of the must-see in Cebu is Oslob which is a town in the South of Cebu where visitors can swim with whale sharks.

Palawan - Top 3 Islands in the World
Palawan – Top 3 Islands in the World


Palawan has about 2,000 islands. Visiting smaller islands with secret lagoons, caves, kayaking, trekking, and snorkeling are just a few of the things that a tourist can do there. The underground rivers of Palawan which can be explored thru guided boat and travel five miles through a subterranean cave system is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Karst and natural limestone rocks can be seen there. One of the best diving spots in the world which is the Tubbataha Reef is in Palawan as well as the Calauit Game Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary near Coron Palawan.

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