The Oosterschelde Museum by L. Pekaar via Wikipedia cc
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Top 11 Best Things to Do in Yerseke, Netherlands

Amazing Activities & Attractions in Yerseke

Bucket List: Top 11 Best Things to See and Do in Yerseke, The Netherlands

Yerseke is a fishing village known for its abundance of seafood and rich history of oyster farming. There are also many best things to do in Yerseke (Netherlands), from tasting fresh-caught shellfish or going on a sailing tour to watching sea lions in their natural habitats.

So to know more about the Oyster Capital, here are the 11 best things to do in Yerseke (Netherlands).


The Oosterschelde Museum by L. Pekaar via Wikipedia cc
The Oosterschelde Museum Door L.pekaar – OosterscheldeMuseum, CC0, cc

First off, the list of the best things to do in Yerseke is visiting the small yet interesting OosterscheldeMuseum. The museum is located in the beautiful old town hall featuring information about mussels, oysters, lobster culture, and farming. It also exhibits on one of the rooms the iconic sunken medieval city of Reimerswaal that disappeared into the waves.

Varen Zeeland

Varen Zeeland photo via
Varen Zeeland photo via

For a more exclusive tour, rent a luxury yacht Amelia at Varen Zeeland to explore Oosterschelde. They offer boat tours accompanied by personal service crews and delicious meals. It is the perfect activity for friends or family, offering different tour options, including the Mussel Tour, Lobster Tour, Seal Tour, and Tailor-Made Cruise.


Oysters photo via Pixabay
Oysters photo via Pixabay

Yerseke is known for its incredible seafood, from oysters and mussels to crabs and lobsters. So when in town, it is a must to dine in seafood restaurants or go on a tour on oyster beds to taste the freshest catch oysters. In addition, Yerseke has mussel season from July until April and the oyster season from September until April, where the seafood quality is at its finest.


Mosseldag Yerseke - The day of the mussels as viewed from the sky photo by H via Wikipedia cc
Mosseldag Yerseke – The day of the mussels as viewed from the sky photo By H – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

If you’re planning to visit Yerseke around August, you should experience Mosseldag or “Day of the Mussels.” It is an annual event held on the 3rd Saturday of August, where tourist flocks to taste the freshest mussels and other seafood. Also, if you want to make your day extra, you can board a mussel fishing boat.


Oesterij photo via FB Page
Oesterij photo via FB Page

On the other hand, if you want to try out the best oysters in town and learn about oyster farming, visit the Oesterij. The oyster farm has been operating since 1906, where visitors can explore oyster beds, the history of oyster farming, watch the process of sorting mussels for exportation, and enjoy oysters and mussels at their restaurant.


Oesterbaron photo via FB Page
Oesterbaron photo via FB Page

Another great way to learn about oyster farming is to board a boat at Oesterbaron. The family-operated oyster business offers a 2-hour tour from June to September, showcasing growing and harvesting. Tourists onboard can also try fresh oysters right out from the water paired with a glass of white wine.

Strand Yerseke

Strand Yerseke photo by HW via Wikipedia cc
Strand Yerseke photo Par HW — Travail personnel, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

Although Yerseke is a small town, it still has a scenic and beautiful white sand beach, Strand Yerseke. When in town it is the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying some time with your family since the beach is not too crowded. It is also a good spot for afternoon walks or cycling.

Yerseke Moer

Yerseke Moer photo via Wikipedia CC
Yerseke Moer photo via Wikipedia CC

For a nature-based activity and animal encounter, head to the natural preserves Yerseke Moer. The site is peatland inhabited and formed by humans around a thousand years ago and the source of salt back in the medieval period. Today, the peat is inhabited by cows, bulls, calves, waders, ducks, and geese.

Pluktuin La Fleur

Pluktuin La Fleur photo via FB Page
Pluktuin La Fleur photo via FB Page

Whether you’re into flowers or would like to surprise your partner for a romantic tour, visiting Pluktuin La Fleur is the place to go. The site is a garden allowing visitors to pick their flowers from March to September. They charge for every stem pick, ranging from alliums, sunflowers, daffodils, dahlias, irises, lilies, and tulips.

Standbeeld de Mosselman

An icon representing Yerseke as the best mussel farmers, Standbeeld de Mosselman is a “mussel man” statue sculpted by Lou Boonman. He crafted the statue at the northern pier and was placed in 1981 to celebrate the harbor opening.

Nolet’s Vistro

Nolet’s Vistro photo via FB Page
Nolet’s Vistro photo via FB Page

For a fancy dinner while enjoying the town’s best seafood, dine at the Michelin restaurant the Nolet’s Vistro. They serve the Zeeland oysters, Eastern Scheldt’s smoked eel, and grilled lobster in their elegant dining room and terrace.


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