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Top 15 Best Things To Do in Veenendaal, Netherlands

What are the top tourist attractions in Veenendaal?

Castle Amerongen photo via Depositphotos

Bucket List: Amazing Places to Visit in Veenendaal, Netherlands

Veenendaal in the Netherlands is a hidden gem waiting to be found. While Veenendaal seems raw and underdeveloped, this city has plenty of tourist attractions, such as historical facilities, nature reserves, and entertainment hubs. Here are some of the things you can do during your trip:

Tour Grebbelinie Bezoekerscentrum

Grebbelinie Bezoekerscentrum photo via Fb Page
Grebbelinie Bezoekerscentrum photo via Fb Page

Veenendaal is a crucial part of the Netherlands since the city was a defensive barrier in forts and camps. Grebbelinie Bezoekerscentrum serves as a war museum that documents Veenendaal’s history.

This museum is filled with colorful statues of soldiers, a tank, and other war relics. After your tour, you can eat at the Grebbelounge restaurant.

Stroll Around Castle Amerongen

Castle Amerongen photo via Depositphotos
Castle Amerongen photo via Depositphotos

Amerongen Castle is another landmark that played a valuable role in the Netherlands’ rich history. This Dutch Classicist structure was used by important German personnel such as diplomats and soldiers.

The castle was eventually transformed into a museum that contains 17th-century cabinets, portraits of members and some family members, and a library. A garden is also influenced by the Middle Ages, the Renaissance era, and the Baroque period.

Learn About History from Museum Veenendaal

Museum Veenendaal photo via Fb page
Museum Veenendaal photo via Fb page

Museum Veenendaal is a great way to breeze through the city’s dramatic history. The museum tells the city’s history through exhibitions, testimonies, and images.

What makes the museum impactful is how it attempts to connect how past events affect Veenendaal’s present and future. Some of the museum’s notable collections are the Second World War and the wool and cigar industries.

Walk Around Oude Kerk

Old Church, Veenendaal by Andre van Dijk via Wikipedia CC
Old Church, Veenendaal Door André van Dijk Veenendaal Kerkenverzamelaar – André van Dijk Veenendaal Kerkenverzamelaar, CC BY-SA 3.0,  CC

Oude Kerk is a must-visit place for history lovers. Oude Kerk is a church meant to serve as a place of worship for Catholics.

While it continues to serve as a haven for Catholics, the church has evolved into a contemporary museum that houses artifacts, miniature ships, artworks, and performances.

Some of the artifacts date from the 15th and 16th centuries

Visit De Nieuwe Molen

De Nieuwe Molen
De Nieuwe Molen

De Nieuwe Molen is a windmill that was vital to the livelihood of locals during the 17th century. As of now, this windmill produces grains for people and animals using wind power.

As you arrive at the windmill, you will be given a tour of this landmark’s history and production process. You can also volunteer in the milling process and other participants on Saturdays.

Hike at Prattenburg

Prattenburg Castle photo via Wikipedia CC
Prattenburg Castle Door User:f – Eigen werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Prattenburg is a green lung in the middle of Veenendaal. If you need a breath of fresh air, then you can get plenty of oxygen in this park. This 400-hectare land is filled with flora, fauna, and heathlands.

Other activities that you can observe local deers and pick mushrooms and blueberries.

Watch live shows in Theater de Lampegiet.

Theater de Lampegiet photo via Fb Page
Theater de Lampegiet photo via Fb Page

Theater De Lampegiet is a chance to experience the city’s finest forms of entertainment. The theater hosts various shows such as pop concerts, cabaret, opera, and other forms of family and classical performances.

This is because this theatre allows performances from the amateur and professional levels. There are also plenty of malls and restaurants near the area for your convenience.

Have Fun at The Maxx

The Maxx Veenendaal photo via Fb Page
The Maxx Veenendaal photo via Fb Page

Maxx is a paradise for anyone who loves indoor games and activities. The trampoline park, laser games, kart racers, and escape rooms are enjoyable facilities. Other activities that you can participate in with less physical energy are darts and billiards.

After going through the games, you can eat some barbecue at The Maxx’s own restaurant.

Shop at Hoofdstraat

Hoofdstraat by Les Hamilton via Flickr CC
Hoofdstraat by Les Hamilton via Flickr CC

Like every excellent tourist destination, Veenendaal has a superb shopping belt known as Hoofdstraat. Hoofdstraat is a shopping district that is filled with 300 individual shops.

There are a lot of locally owned and international retailers such as Zara and Espirit. After a long day of shopping, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from that offer delicious main courses and desserts.

Go Bowling in Olround Bowling

Olround Bowling Veenendaal via Fb page
Olround Bowling Veenendaal via Fb page

If you’re traveling with a group of friends, then you cannot miss going to Olround Bowling. Olround Bowling offers plenty of packages to mix up the game, such as Disco Bowling,

Beer Ball Bowling, and even competitive tournaments. The most recommended package is the Bowl & Grill service. Along with Bowling, you experience a buffet filled with meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and ice cream.

Enjoy at The Circle

The Circle - Veenendaal photo via Fb page
The Circle – Veenendaal photo via Fb page

The Circle is another venue that attracts many outgoing people due to its exciting activities. This place is mainly known for escape games such as Agent 159, Source Code, and Submarine.

Other games you can play are ax throwing, playing pool, joining quiz activities, and even canoeing. The Circle also offers beer tasting, which gives you a chance to taste 5 seasonal beers.

Swim at Zwembad De Vallei

Swimming at Zwembad De Vallei is fun for people traveling in groups, especially families. The venue offers 4 pool types, including a family pool for children and a competition pool for expert swimmers.

Other activities you can do are playing volleyball, golfing, and even jumping in bouncy houses.

See the Wildlife at Ouwehands Dierenpark

Ouwehands Dierenpark
Ouwehands Dierenpark

Ouwehands Dierenpark is a must-see for anyone who wants to experience the presence of rare wildlife. This facility protects endangered animal species and allows them to produce offspring donated to other zoos.

Visitors will also be taught the importance of preserving the existence of these animals. Some of the animals you’ll encounter are bears, gorillas, and pelicans.

Visit Kwintelooyen

Kwintelooyen by NDP2019 via Wikipedia CC
Kwintelooyen Door NDP2019 – Eigen werk, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Kwintelooyen is the perfect place for people interested in the past and present of botanical life. This nature reserve is filled with 300 plant species and various habitats.

What makes this destination fascinating is the remains of prehistoric animals such as mammoths, giant deers, and rhinoceros. The best time to visit this place is during spring and summer.

Experience the refreshing atmosphere at Groene Grens

Another nature paradise worth visiting is Groene Grens. Groene Grens is a nature reserve that serves as a home for multiple animal species such as birds, bats, mammals, and amphibians.

Tunnels were constructed to create habitats for them, and fauna was planted. Some of the rare fauna are orchids and parnassia.

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Veenendaal Travel and Tour Packages

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