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Top 12 Best Things To Do in Dwingeloo, Netherlands

What is there to do in Dwingeloo for free?

Horseback Riding photo via Pixabay

Bucket List: Top 10 Best things to see and do in Dwingeloo, Netherlands

Dwingeloo is a lush-filled town in the Netherlands, brimming with natural beauty. Dwingeloo is a little town that is a great experience and memorable to visit throughout the summer. The picturesque village green becomes a venue for events such as an international ceramic art exhibition on May 30. Dwingeloo may be right up your alley if pleasant walks, bike rides, and horseback journeys in the unspoiled countryside are your idea of ultimate relaxation.

If you’re considering a trip to a beautiful town, these are the top 12 things to do. At Dwingeloo, take in the soothing fragrance of nature.

1. Take a walk in Dwingelderveld National Park

Dwingelderveld National Park by Baykedevries via Wikipedia cc
Dwingelderveld National Park By Baykedevries – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 nl, cc

This park is the ideal place to take a stroll and relax in your surroundings. It’s a lovely piece of nature that’s well worth exploring. Dwingelderveld National Park was established in 1991 in the province of Drenthe, the Netherlands. The park is home to nearly all Dutch reptile species and uncommon cranberry blue butterflies, roe deer, falcons, buzzards, and woodpeckers.

2. Visit Schaapskudde Ruinen

Schaapskudde Ruinen by G.Lanting via Wikipedia cc
Schaapskudde Ruinen By G.Lanting – Own work, CC BY 3.0, cc

This is the ideal destination for anybody interested in farms and sheep. You may see what a farmer and a shepherd do regularly. You may also see several sheep species and go for a walk nearby. It offers a relaxing and educational experience as you learn more about Dwingeloo’s culture.

3. Stop by at Bezoekerscentrum Dwingelderveld

Bezoekerscentrum Dwingelderveld by G.Lanting via Wikipedia cc
Bezoekerscentrum Dwingelderveld By G.Lanting – Own work, CC BY 3.0, cc

It’s a charming building with a variety of visual aids on the inside. Learn about Dwingeloo’s culture and admire the seasonal flowers along the trail. Outside, at the pond with a boardwalk and an information panel, you can get a taste of the park’s scenery, while youngsters can ride the swings and balance on logs amid the birches in the play area.

4. Stargazing at Planetron

Dwingeloo Planetron by Rene1971 via Wikipedia cc
Dwingeloo Planetron By Rene1971 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

Planetron is a beautiful museum in Dwingeloo featuring many astronomy and scientific displays. During clear evenings, a telescope is available for viewing planets and stars. The ‘ceiling’ theatre is used to show the sky above us when the weather is terrible. It’s an excellent resource for learning more about space.

5. Visit the Sint-Nicolaaskerk during summer

Sint-Nicolaaskerk Dwingeloo by Pa3ems via Wikimedia cc
Sint-Nicolaaskerk Dwingeloo By Pa3ems – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

Dwingeloo’s Dutch Reformed church, with its distinctive top. The ‘Juffertje van Batinghe’ monument is also visible in the foreground. It’s a quaint chapel that’s well worth a visit on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer. The onion-domed spire church is regarded to be the earliest Gothic church tower in Drenthe.

6. Visit the Damsel of Batinge

Juffer van Batinghe Dwingeloo by Gouwenaar via Wikipedia cc
Juffer van Batinghe Dwingeloo By Gouwenaar – Own work, Public Domain, cc

The monument depicts a young girl riding a horse; she is a fictional character who is the subject of local folklore. She had a fondness for the chief builder and would ride by him every day as the church was built in the 15th century. The only way the building could be finished was to send her away on a journey, but not before she informed the builder about a dream she had about how the church should be completed.

7. Have a relaxing afternoon at De Brink

Grand Cafe de Brink photo via FB Page
Grand Cafe de Brink photo via FB Page

You may spend the afternoon at this park while sipping coffee from a nearby cafe. Many of Dwingeloo’s amenities are located on edge, lined with large oaks and beech trees. There are a few eateries in the area, a tourist information center, and a bicycle rental store.

8. Go cycling along the lush-filled town.

Cycling is one of the many enjoyable activities available at Dwingeloo’s several parks. Many of the trails in the park are surfaced with asphalt and bike lanes equipped with bicycle nodes, which have detailed maps and ensure that you never get lost. A bike store on De Brink in Dwingeloo rents tandems, e-bikes, mountain bikes, and even dog trailers.

9. Take part in Keramiekmarkt

Keramiekmarkt Dwingeloo photo via Pottenbakkrij Hoogland via Facebook
Keramiekmarkt Dwingeloo photo via Pottenbakkrij Hoogland via Facebook

During your visit, you may take part in this yearly event and admire the craftsmanship of ceramic artisans. Thousands of people go to the town on Ascension Day to see the work of more than 90 ceramic artists from the Netherlands and abroad. These can be stunning modern design masterpieces, busts, or huge sculptures and go well beyond mere trinkets.

10. Celebrate Oogstdag

Oogstdag Dwingeloo photo via FB Page
Oogstdag Dwingeloo photo via FB Page

Harvest day at Dwingeloo is a must-see and visit during your vacation, and Oogstdag allows you to experience the rural life of the locals. This is an agricultural heritage event where participants dress in traditional rural attire and work the land like their forefathers did for decades. You’ll get a detailed picture of how maize was gathered and processed.

11. Experience horseback riding

Horseback Riding photo via Pixabay
Horseback Riding photo via Pixabay

Horseback riding is one of the many enjoyable activities offered at Dwingeloo. Supervised hikes are also possible, both during the day and after the sun sets. It’s particularly appropriate for families with little children since they may travel in a horse-drawn wagon that you can drive yourself or with a coach driver provided by the training school.

12. Enjoy a memorable summer vacation at Bosbad de Paasbergen

Dwingeloo in Bosbad de Paasbergen offers a great summer holiday. The pool, which features a 40-meter slide, a separate paddle pool for smaller children, and a large sunbathing area, is a huge hit in the summer. The pool is connected to two nearby campgrounds, which provide a range of daytime activities such as beach volleyball, football, and a zip-line.

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