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Top 12 Best Things to Do in Panabo City

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Panabo City

Banana Beach Resort in Tagum City

Panabo City Bucket List: 12 Best Places to Visit in in Panabo City

Panabo City is a third-class city in the proud province of Davao Del Norte and is also hailed as the “Banana Capital of the Philippines.” Despite its remote location, it is still home to more than 200,000 people. Also, it is part of the metropolitan region of Mindanao, given that it shares a border with one of the major cities, Davao City.

So if you’re looking for the perfect place to tour some of the most anticipated and popular attractions on the beautiful island of Mindanao, then this is it! Panabo City will give you a unique perspective of the province’s life and a taste of the urban attractions within its proud territory. Given its remote location, you should expect to discover pristine natural locations where you can relax and have the time of your life.

Are you excited? Well, so am I! Today, we’ll talk about the 12 Best Things to do in Panabo City!

Witness the World’s Largest Rosary

World’s Largest Rosary in Tagum City photo by S5switch via Wikipedia CC
World’s Largest Rosary in Tagum City photo by S5switch via Wikipedia CC

Yes, the Philippines once had the honor to hold the world’s largest rosary title thanks to the beautiful Christ the King Cathedral! Yes, an 85.5-meter long rosary made of linked beads lies in a pathway towards the bronze statue of the Risen Christ. The giant rosary weighs an astonishing 2,815 kilograms, each bead weighing about 35 kilograms. Moreover, the beads are made up of ironwood!

In addition to the rosary, there are also other attractions within the cathedral. In fact, the cathedral itself is already an attraction thanks to its superb architectural design!

Experience Nature in San Agustin Botanical Park

San Agustin Botanical Park Tagum photo via Tagum City Tourism
San Agustin Botanical Park Tagum photo via Tagum City Tourism

I told you, the beautiful city of Panabo is the perfect place for tourists to experience nature! Our next destination, San Agustin Botanical Park, is a 31.4-hectare piece of land filled with more than 37,000 trees and plants from different parts of the world!

Everyone is invited to discover each of them, especially children. There are several gazebos scattered all over the park, so all you need to do is find your preferred spot then go have a picnic and other outdoor activities with your friends and loved ones!

Explore the Monfort Bat Sanctuary

Monfort Bat Cave
Monfort Bat Cave

Ah, another Guinness Book of World Records holder is waiting for you as our 3rd destination! The Monfort Bat Sanctuary in Samal Island is home to a whopping 2.3 million Rousette Fruit Bats belonging to a single colony. According to Guinness, that’s the largest single colony of its kind found from all over the planet.

These amazing bats are housed inside a 245-foot long cave and the cool part? They cover about 75% of the entire ceiling of the wall. Phew, imagine the enormous number of bats hanging on top of you like that!

Go Swimming at the Banana Beach

Banana Beach Resort in Tagum City
Banana Beach Resort in Tagum City

Oh, you know how the humble city of Panabo is coined as the “Banana Capital of the Philippines”? Well, an exciting attraction awaits you! The Banana Beach Resort in Tagum is the only beach resort you’ll ever find located within a banana plantation. Cool, right?

This upscale resort offers the highest degree of satisfaction and convenience to all of its guests, so you’ll indeed have the time of your life here! Phew, I’m sure you wouldn’t run out of fresh banana leaves to use for an excellent old boodle fight!

Attend the Binulig Festival

Binulig Festival photo via FB Page
Binulig Festival photo via FB Page

Another perfect thing to do while visiting Panabo City is to attend the famous Binulig Festival! It is held to celebrate the city’s bountiful harvest, representing and appreciating the people’s hard work, rich culture, an abundant supply of products. Of course, you should look forward to enormous amounts of fresh produce during this festival together with the exciting events and activities prepared by the locals!

Go Sightseeing at San Roque Mountain Ridge

Another great experience to look forward to is witnessing scenic views at San Roque Mountain Ridge. The spot is perfect for breathing in the cool and fresh mountain breeze. Overlooking a vast area of greeneries, landscapes, and mountain ridges, San Roque Mountain Ridge is also a favorite place for the locals to meditate, relax, and escape the hustle and bustle of Panabo City.

Try the Mangrove Forest Boardwalk Experience

Mangrove Forest Boardwalk Experience via Mindanao Explorer FB Page
Mangrove Forest Boardwalk Experience via Mindanao Explorer FB Page

Ah, another hearty experience to never miss is walking across the Mangrove Forest Boardwalk. This beautiful attraction gives you a chance to walk down a 585-meter concrete pathway within the 94.1-hectare mangrove forest of Barangay JP Laurel, which is the 2nd largest mangrove forest reserve in the Davao region. Phew, imagine the amount of fresh air you’ll get to breathe in from here!

Enjoy the Tagum Night Market

Tagum Night Market photo via Tagum City Tourism
Tagum Night Market photo via Tagum City Tourism

Yes! You also shouldn’t miss the chance to experience Panabo City’s neighbor, Tagum City’s amazing Night Market! Yes, believe me, you’ll regret missing this opportunity. You can literally buy anything under the sun, from fresh produce, delicious delicacies, souvenirs, clothes, toys, shoes, slippers, apparel, and many more! The food here is also exceptional, so make sure you try them out!

Wander Around the Panabo Freedom Park

Panabo Freedom Park photo via Panabo FB Page
Panabo Freedom Park photo via Panabo FB Page

Of course, you should try wandering around the Panabo City Freedom Park. Admire the humble city and its beautiful people, walk around the streets, discover hidden gems like stores, restaurants, cafes, markets, and many more. Take a selfie showing the world that you’ve been to the “Banana Capital of the Philippines”!

Visit the Mabunao Eco Park

Mabunao Eco Park by Jessica Clair Alvarado via Facebook
Mabunao Eco Park by Jessica Clair Alvarado via Facebook

Next on the list is another destination that’ll make you love nature even more! Mabunao Eco Park is a 7.6-hectare piece of land home to hundreds of tree species like Narra, Mahogany, Pine, and many more. Aside from wandering around and breathing in free, clean air, there’s also a spot where you have to climb a total of 282 steps just to have an exclusive and breathtaking view of Panabo City. Might as well capture a selfie here for your souvenir!

Drop by Panabo’s Rizal Park and Museum

The city of Panabo also did its part to honor our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, by building a park named after him! This beautiful park is situated right in front of Museo Panabo. So, while you’re at it, don’t miss the chance to check out the museum so you’ll learn more about the city’s rich culture and history!

Discover Panabo City’s Delicacies

Finally, for me, the best thing to look forward to whenever I’m on a trip or a vacation is the food! So you shouldn’t miss the chance to try and taste Panabo City’s best tasting delicacies and food through the city’s favorite restaurants! Make your tummy happy by enjoying a gastronomic feast thanks to leading food institutions like Aces Gromae Restaurant, Fisher’s Cafe Restaurant, and Den’s Cafe Restaurant!

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