Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things To Do In Avignon, France

Avignon Tourist Attractions, Activities, and Best Places to See in Avignon

Barthelasse Island

What are the Top Tourist Attractions in Avignon, France?

Located in the Southeastern part of France is the beautiful medieval city of Avignon. Strolling around this city, the capital of Vaucluse will take you back to the middle age’s alluring architectural designs. Apart from the scenic landscape, Avignon is famous worldwide for its rich history and beautiful tourist-friendly sceneries.

What to do in Avignon? To elevate your holiday experience, here’s a list of the activities uniquely available in this captivating French city:

Prance on a historic French bridge

The Pont Saint-Bénézet also known as the Pont d'Avignon
The Pont Saint-Bénézet also known as the Pont d’Avignon

Pont Saint-Bénézet, also known as Pont d’Avignon, is a historic wooden bridge. It is embellishing the beautiful Rhone river with its Middle Age-inspired beauty. This famous tourist attraction in Avignon withstood the tests of varying times.

Many artistic visitors draw inspiration from this iconic bridge, such as the song Sur le Pont d’Avignon. Walk on the surviving arches of this World Heritage Site for a picture-perfect experience.

Ride a shuttle boat to the Barthelasse Island

Barthelasse Island
Barthelasse Island

Escape from the touristy places and retreat to the serene and calm landscape of Barthelasse Island. This large river island, at around 700 hectares, is one of the largest in Europe. There are many ways to get to this stunner river island, the most exquisite being by boat. A free boat shuttle is known as the Bac du Rocher des Doms, and it regularly takes tourists to this tranquil island.

If motion sickness is a concern, you can walk across the Édouard Daladier bridge and arrive at your destination at around 10 minutes. You can also bring your car and spend a day with friends. It’s even better if you have a handy HD camera because the jaw-dropping scenery is one for the albums.

Say your prayers at the Avignon cathedral.

Avignon cathedral
Avignon cathedral

This Romanesque cathedral is one of the most beautiful during its time, as well as today. It continues to fascinate and bless tourists and churchgoers since its day of inception, which is during the 12th century.

This cathedral is home to various artistic treasures; making sure you make time for this valuable sight is key. You’ll see an inspiring octagonal dome, two organs, and a medieval throne used by many Avignon popes.

Tour an impressive French garden

Le Rocher Des Doms photo by Felix Charpentier via Wikipedia CC
Le Rocher Des Doms photo Par Félix Charpentier (1858 — 1924)Véronique PAGNIER — Travail personnel, Domaine public, CC

The remarkable leafy garden of Le Rocher Des Doms has been around since 1830. If you are an avid fan of nature’s peace and calm, this scenery has a lot in store for a soulful experience. This tourist attraction also features many iconic sculptures, such as Félix Charpentier’s Venus with Swallows.

Venus is a sight to behold in the middle of the pond. Feel free to sit by the bench under the lush green trees’ shade and enjoy the reflective ambiance.

Visit the Calvet Museum

Calvet Museum by Shoshanah via Wikipedia CC
Calvet Museum By Shoshanah – https://www.flickr.com/photos/shoshanah/18563068/, CC BY 2.0, CC

Avignon’s main museum is more commonly known as Musee Calvet. You will see a lot of goldwork, ironworks, porcelains, and tapestries from Asian, Oceanian, and African cultures in this museum. One of the most exciting finds here is the finely glazed ceramic beads and figures found in Egypt, dating back to 4000 BC.

Esprit Calvet, the major collector in this museum, is the inspiration behind this gallery’s name. Learn more about his collection and the world of stories behind each item only at the Calvet Museum.

Spend a day at a charterhouse

The Carthusian Monastery of Avignon is among the biggest and most remarkable charterhouses in France.

Apart from its spiritual and cultural treasures, it also showcases the mesmerizing frescoes of Matteo Giovannetti. Today, the charterhouse is also a venue for performers during festivals.

Take likable photos

Pont Du Gard Aqueduct
Pont Du Gard Aqueduct

If you are yet to take a photo at a genuinely unique venue, we have the perfect destination for you. Roman aqueducts are one of a kind destinations. You especially won’t go wrong with the highest and most preserved Roman aqueduct bridge, which earned itself a World Heritage Site title.

Pont Du Gard Aqueduct will give you superb photos through an aerial view or using a wide-angle lens. Many travelers make sure they capture every picture-perfect moment. If you are this type of traveler, Avignon’s Pont Du Gard Aqueduct is a must-visit.

Make your prayers come true at the Church of St Pierre.

Saint Peters Basilica in Avignon by Veronique Pagnier via Wikipedia cc
Saint Peters Basilica in Avignon Par Véronique PAGNIER — Travail personnel, Domaine public, cc

Legends and myths have it. Visiting a church for the first time entitles you to the wishes of three. If you have a burning desire for something and haven’t been to this church in Avignon, the right time to visit is as soon as possible.

Whether you believe in this legend or not, uttering the desires of your heart to Earth’s gateway to heaven is not a bad idea. Wishes and prayers do come true!

Visit the most iconic palace in Avignon.

Palace of the Popes
Palace of the Popes

The Palace of the Popes is among the largest and most important Gothic buildings in entire Europe. If you’re wondering why simply put that this fortress is relevant to many popes throughout history. It has seen rebellion, enlightenment, pilgrimage, massacre, and the rise to power.

This fortress is known to the French as Palais des Papes, and it’s one of the most visited attractions in Avignon. Don’t miss your chance to visit it while you’re in France.

Eat Local French Food

French Meal
French Meal

Avignon is home to many restaurants devoted to serving the national cuisine. If you want to dine like an authentic resident of France, you won’t run out of options. If you’re looking for the hottest options available on most menus, the combination of stew and steak served with fried potatoes won’t disappoint.

A famous stew option in Avignon is called pot-au-feu. Although macarons are famous in France, they actually originated in Italy. If you want an authentic French dessert, quiche is a famous French tart.

You can also try it in cheesecake form, which is made using traditional recipes. If you love truffles, they are usually in season from November to March. Happy dining!

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