The Most Beautiful Sceneries in Japan

Geisha and blooming Sakura tree

Most Stunning Scenic Spots of Japan

Japan is a beautifully unique country with an endless number of scenic views. The sceneries in Japan range from Mt. Fuji’s serene landscapes to the ever-impressive light show of Tokyo at night.

Complete Guide Before Visiting Japan via DepositPhotos
Complete Guide Before Visiting Japan via DepositPhotos

Japan also provides gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, while celebrating its picture-perfect cherry trees in bloom.

Because it can be hard to decide which scenic views you’d like to see, here is some information about Japan’s more popular sceneries.

Mt. Fuji

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji

One of the first places most people think of when talking about Japan’s scenic views is Mt. Fuji. Its majestic beauty makes it the focal point in any landscape, luckily enough to contain it.

Unfortunately, the mountain is known to be shy and often hides itself from eager viewers trying to catch a glimpse of its beauty.

Viewing the mountain is best done from a distance on a clear day. However, finding a clear day can sometimes prove to be a difficult task because the mountain is often hidden by cloud cover.

For your best chance at viewing the mountain, try during the winter months when the air is drier, and the clouds are less of an issue.

Cherry Trees in Bloom

Beautiful Kawazu Sakura Festival , Cherry blossom full bloom in Kawazu prefecture ,Japan.
Beautiful Kawazu Sakura Festival, Cherry blossom full bloom in Kawazu prefecture, Japan.

Anyone who has witnessed Japan’s cherry trees in full blossom can probably understand why flower-viewing parties date back to at least the third century AD.

Just like in the past, these same blossoming cherry trees continue to draw large crowds of people from around the world each year.

To see this spectacular sight for yourself, you must be in the right place at the right time. Starting in January, the first blossoms appear around Okinawa.

From there, the cherry blossom front moves throughout the country, reaching Tokyo around the end of March or beginning of April. The blossoms then continue to move north until arriving in Hokkaido after a few weeks.

Local news broadcasts often mention which areas are currently or soon to be in bloom and will tell you where you need to go and when.

Sea of Japan / Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean by M Reza Faisal
Pacific Ocean by M Reza Faisal

If you happen to be in one of Japan’s coastal regions, be sure to take a look toward the water for a beautiful view of either the Sea of Japan or the Pacific Ocean.

Regardless of which side of the country you happen to be on, the coastline is plentiful and offers some spectacular views of the water.

If you get the chance to venture out into the waters surrounding Japan, be sure to take it. Just like the Sea of Japan or the Pacific Ocean can be strikingly beautiful from the land, offshore wind views can be equally breathtaking.

Tokyo at Night

Tokyo at Night by Luke Zeme
Tokyo at Night by Luke Zeme

To experience a completely different kind of beautiful scenery in Japan, consider visiting Tokyo‘s capital city after nightfall. Once the sun has gone down, the city breaks out into a mesmerizing light show that easily puts other major cities from around the world to shame.

Just be sure to exercise caution like you would in any large city after dark. If you are uneasy about visiting the city after the sun has gone down, you can always sign up for a Tokyo at Night tour and experience the city worry-free. Tours are available through various companies and range in both price and duration.

With so many awe-inspiring sceneries in Japan, it can be very hard to decide on which ones to go out and see first.

Hopefully, this list of four of the more popular scenic attractions has given you a few ideas to help you start creating your itinerary.

So what are you waiting for? Book your flight now and enjoy your very own sightseeing trip to beautiful Japan.

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