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The Undress: Now women can change outfits even in public places

Every female traveler who has spent more than a few hours under the sun knows the feeling of wanting to change into fresh clothes. Sweat-drenched fabric sticking to your skin definitely hampers the experience of discovering a new locale, of course.

Portable Dressing Room Dress
Portable Dressing Room Dress

Unfortunately, even though you have a spare set of clothes to change into, finding a safe place where you can change is a completely different matter. While this applies to both men and women, females in particular have a lot more trouble changing into new clothes in public. It’s not just a comfort concern, but one of safety as well.

Introducing: The Undress

The Undress was made to change all of that. With a revolutionary design that allows you to change from one outfit into another without getting naked, this dress is sure to be a hit with active women and travellers everywhere. Just its tagline alone says everything you need to know: “Change clothes in public without ever getting naked”.

The Undress - How it Works
The Undress – How it Works

It’s a mobile changing room that has got people buzzing. It originally had a Kickstarter goal of $22,000 but the response was so great that the actual tally reached more than $600,000. Given that there are millions of travelers and women who lead active lifestyles, this isn’t surprising.

This is not a dress
This is not a dress

It looks like an ordinary dress, but it’s actually a well-designed changing system that works with the help of multiple panels, handles, openings and other features. It even works if you want to change in or out of a sports bra—and ladies, you know how difficult that is! It’s a wonder that’s even more amazing when you see it in action so make sure to watch the video.

Ladies wearing The Undress Portable Dressing Room Dress
Ladies wearing The Undress Portable Dressing Room Dress

Practical Yet Eye-Catching Design

Just because something is portable and practical doesn’t mean that the design has to suffer. We’re pretty sure that even with all these fantastic features, people wouldn’t be pledging by the thousands if the dress itself looked horrible! Instead, we’re happy to see how pleasing it is to the eye. It has a reversible design so it’s like getting two dresses for the price of one. It comes in multiple colors and styles too!

The design looks really straightforward, but you can tell it wasn’t easy to design something like this that’s simple to use and understand. After all, it’s a problem that so many have been dealing with for years! The innovation and creativity being showcased on Kickstarter is nothing short of amazing though, so we’re not too shocked. We’re just surprised it took this long!

Where Can You Use It?

Even better is the wide range of uses you can get out of the Undress. Shopping in a crowded weekend market and no fitting room in sight? Went for a dive and need to change out of your wetsuit? Yoga in a public park? Sweltering hot day and your hotel is an hour away? The Undress will make sure that you won’t ever feel awkward or embarrassed to change in public again. Remember those times where you had to deal with changing in the car or struggling with a towel and worrying about accidentally exposing yourself? Well, that’s gone now.

The Awesome Team Behind The Undress

There’s a great team that’s responsible for bringing the Undress into the world, but one of the most important members is Dennis Caco. A Filipino inventor based in San Diego, California, Dennis leads a very active life and is heavily involved in the endurance sports community. It’s another reason why we’re sure that the Undress will deliver on its promises: someone as active as he is knows the struggles of changing clothes in public. He’s one more shining example of Filipino ingenuity in action and we can’t help but feel proud!

The next time you’re backpacking in the countryside or roughing it in tents or hostels, think about how easier it would be to change outfits if you had something like the Undress. We can’t wait to see it out in the wild and hope Dennis and his team find a way to make it available to more people. There’s definitely a huge market out there for the Undress, so here’s to their success!

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Written by Melo Villareal

Melo Villareal is the Online Publisher of He is an Accountant by profession who left the corporate world at the age of 23 to explore his beautiful country and the rest of the world. Today, Melo works as a part-time Social Media Manager for local and international clients. His full-time work focuses on discovering interesting culture, explore different cuisines and take memorable photos from local and international destinations he's visiting.

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