Never Miss these 8 Fun Activities in Camarines Norte

Vacationists usually fly straight to Albay or head to Caramoan, Camarines Sur when it comes to Bicol Region escapades. Granted, Bicol is known for Albay’s Mayon Volcano and Caramoan- well the name says it all. The island makes great echoes as Cam Sur’s lovely paradise. But, did you know that exciting activities and places are waiting for you in just an estimated eight-hour drive from Manila? Yes, you heard it right. Within an eight-hour travel time you’ve got to set your feet in Camarines Norte’s capital- Daet.

Mahabang Buhangin Calaguas Island
Mahabang Buhangin Beach in Calaguas Island

Camarines Norte is perhaps a not-so-popular destination in the south, but it does deserve a closer look from adventurers. The province is a home of stunning islands, dive spots, white beaches, clean rivers and waterfalls, and historical destinations. Of course, how can we ever forget the sweetest pineapples? It’s right here in Cam Norte.

So, wanna take a peak inside?

1. Island Hopping at Mercedes Group of Islands

Apuao Grande
Apuao Grande Island Resort

The Mercedes Group of Islands is enough reason to stay in Camarines Norte for seven days. One island a day within seven days will surely keep your troubles away. That’s because seven stunning islands are hiding within the municipality of Mercedes. These are: Apuao Grande, Apuao Pequeña, Canimog, Canton, Caringo, Malasugui, and Quinapaguian. Brace yourself with the breathtaking views of white sand shores, turquoise sea, rock formations, and foliage.

2. Picnic at Bulalacao Beach

Bulalacao Beach is another white sand paradise hidden in Luklukan, Camarines Norte. It is a perfect place for picnic and swimming. Bring enough food so you can freely enjoy a boodle fight under the sun with your family and friends.

4. Experience Mampurog River’s Natural Spa

Mampurog River Natural Spa photo by Kara Santos of
Mampurog River Natural Spa photo by Kara Santos of

Who says that the clean rivers were gone a long time ago? Who says you cannot swim in the rivers anymore? The municipality of San Lorenzo Ruiz proves them wrong. Its local government has managed to preserve the natural beauty and crystal clear water of Mampurog River. The river’s cool cascading water and the rocks you can lean on to are the perfect combo for a therapy that will heal your aching muscles. Just above the river is a hanging bridge ideal for photo ops.

5. Go swimming at Malatap Falls

Malatap Falls photo by Elal Lasola of
Malatap Falls photo by Elal Lasola of

A sweet splash of nature is ready to serenade you at Malatap Falls. It is located at Labo, a first-class municipality in Camarines Norte. Haven’t tried swimming in the coolest waterfalls? Here’s your chance!

5. Explore marine life at Kinamanokan Dive Site

Our Cam Norte escapade will never be complete without mentioning a place where you can dive and see up close the wonders of the undersea. Kinamanokan Dive Site in Vinzons, Camarines Norte has a lovely marine life you never want to miss. Hey, don’t forget to bring your high-end underwater camera!

6. Taste the sweetest pineapples in Daet

Sweet Pineapples from Daet
Sweet Pineapples from Daet

Camarines Norte is famous for its Formosa- the sweetest pineapple. Having a vacation in Daet must be your biggest chance to indulge in this sweet gift of nature. Never leave Camarines Norte without having a slice of the sweetest pineapple that has placed the province in the limelight. But of course, it’s unfair if you traveled this far for just one slice. Why not bring pasalubongs for your loved ones? They’ll surely give you warm hugs for that.

7. Wind surf at San Jose Beach

Looking for another beach besides Bagasbas to face and battle against the extreme waves of the sea? The small town of Talisay features San Jose Beach- the ideal place to go wind surfing, jet skiing, surfing, and other adventurous water sports. San Jose Beach is said to be an extension of Bagasbas Beach in Daet. So if you tried surfing on the waves of Bagasbas, expect the same intensity at San Jose Beach. Terrific eh?

8. Learn more about Camarines Norte’s Rich History at Museo Bulawan

Pretend to be a modern-day archaeologist and discover Camarines Norte’s rich culture, arts, and history at Museo Bulawan in Daet. The museum houses a wide collection of artifacts, photos of Cam Norte’s past governors, unraveled pieces from World War II, old coins, old utensils, and many more. If you’re opting for an educational tour, Museo Bulawan is the best stop to explore.

Cam Norte is the northernmost part of Bicol Region. If you’re planning for a short out of town adventure, the province will be a great choice because you just have to travel a few hours from Manila. Then, you’re all set to go to face the sun, feel the countryside breeze, watch the time go by slowly, and plunge in the cool waters.

Here’s a plus: People in Camarines Norte don’t speak the Bicol dialect as much as people in other provinces in the region would do. Tagalog is commonly used in Cam Norte, so Pinoys from all over the Philippines won’t have a hard time speaking with the locals. Imagine having no nosebleeds anymore when asking for the easiest routes for your itinerary.

So, come and explore Camarines Norte, the land of awesome beaches, rivers, waterfalls, and sweetest pineapples.

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