The Flavors Of Morocco: Discover Moroccan Cuisine

What is traditional Moroccan food?

Cooking in Tajine

A Brief Guide To Moroccan Food

Moroccan flavors, true to its rich culture, are widely appreciated by people across the globe. It is a fusion of many cultures that co-existed since ancient times. You can find Moroccan dishes to be a lot more similar to Persian, Arabs, and even African regions.

Beef Tajine by Michael Sanger
Beef Tajine by Michael Sanger

Moroccan Cuisine is entirely different from the rest of the world, and it is such a delight to taste their dishes. Moroccans cook food with passion, and it is very well evident from their rich platter of dishes.

The land of Morocco is abundantly blessed with fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and seafood. They use a lot of vegetables to make exotic cuisines and in considerable portions meat as well.

Colorful Tajines
Colorful Tajines photo by Ali Jafri

The spices used in most Moroccan dishes are cumin, cinnamon, saffron, and fresh herbs. They have a rich mix of spices for each dish, and it is very important to enhance the flavor of the dish.

Besides that, paprika, chili, and garlic powder are also widely used in Moroccan cuisine. The spices are dried and powdered together and stored in large quantities. They are used as desired while preparing the dish, and it retains their original flavor even after storing for 6 months.

Moroccan mint tea photo by Kris Roger
Moroccan mint tea photo by Kris Roger

A typical Moroccan meal is mainly made of meat and vegetables and is had in the earlier part of the day. It is followed by a tradition of drinking strongly brewed tea with spices.

Everyone knows about couscous to be a traditional Moroccan dish. It is made from wheat and steamed with vegetables and meat. A large family sits at the table and shares couscous during festive occasions. We can make variations with couscous, and it is now available in various parts of the country.

Moroccan Couscous photo by Robyn Lee
Moroccan Couscous photo by Robyn Lee

Meat delicacies are a part of Moroccan tradition. They prefer red meat and lamb more than poultry. It is cooked using spices and is served hot with couscous.

Apart from that, they also have tasty soups such as the Harira and are made during Ramadan.

Inside Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant
Inside Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant

The dishes are laden with freshly plucked vegetables that add to the thickness and taste of the food. Different vegetable salads can be made and are served with every meal of the day.

Their locally brewed drinks are very famous and can be sipped in the evenings over roasted almonds and raisins.

Kasbah Seafood Saffron Tagine
Kasbah Seafood Saffron Tagine

The Moroccans are fond of eating and cooking food that has a distinct style and flavor. Most of the Moroccan cuisines are famous all over North Africa. Their dishes cater to an international audience, and so are the rich flavors.

A balanced mix of spices, vegetables, and meat is all that is needed to set a Moroccan dinner. There are interesting dishes from every Moroccan house that is passed on from one generation to the other.

Many travelers find the Moroccan fare a relishing treat that is completely different from other countries’ cuisines. It could whip up a whole new appetite that truly is at home with its culture and the people.

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