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St Dominic Cathedral in Bayombong Nueva Viscaya


The Colorful History of St Dominic Cathedral

As the Philippines is a country that is predominantly Catholic, it’s not surprising that there are churches every few kilometers. Despite the sheer number of chapels, cathedrals, churches, and other places of worship in the country, there are some places that are truly beautiful and grand. They have been around for centuries, with histories that are as long and as interesting as its parishioners.
The St Dominic Cathedral in Bayombong, Nueva Viscaya is one of them.

Facade of St Dominic Cathedral
Facade of St Dominic Cathedral

What makes St Dominic Cathedral so interesting? It was April 12, 1739 when the first Eucharistic Celebration was held there with Fray Pedro Freire presiding. During these days in the 18th century, this cathedral was still called The Church of St. Augustine. It won’t be until a few months later, on September 8th, that it will be dedicated to St. Dominic De Guzman.

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Angel at the entrance of the Church
Angel at the entrance of the Church

It’s an interesting sampling of Spanish architecture. It features an octagonal tower next to the cathedral proper. There is also a convent and a cemetery.

Inside St Dominic Cathedral
Inside St Dominic Cathedral

By 1829, the church tower will feature the completed 5-storey tower and its cone. This tower is impressively sturdy. It was able to withstand an earthquake in 1880 that damaged the church.
A fire in 1987 destroyed the church and the convent, fortunately it was remade in time to celebrate the 250th anniversary of its first mass in 1989.

St. Dominic Cathedral in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
St. Dominic Cathedral in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

Another big earthquake in 1990 would damage the bell tower, but it was reconstructed. By 1995, it would be blessed and inaugurated along with a newly-constructed Adoration chapel. It went through a lot of natural disasters and devastations in the four centuries that it has been around, yet it still stands tall today.

The next time you pass by Nueva Viscaya, or you just want to attend mass somewhere interesting, spend a few minutes or even an hour at St Dominic Cathedral. Learn a bit of history while marveling at a captivating tourist spot in Bayombong.




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