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How to Pick the Right Accommodation When Traveling with Kids

Traveling with your kids? Because happy kids means a happy vacation, here are 10 accommodation tips to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Kids having fun

Accommodation Options While Traveling with Kids

When traveling with kids, the importance of having the right accommodation becomes even greater. Kids have different needs from adults, whether it’s health, comfort, or entertainment. From diaper changes and food preferences to boundless energy and mood swings, kids present particular challenges that can be stressful at times. With all the considerations that go into traveling with kids, you want to smartly choose your family’s home away from home. Consider these 10 accommodation options and tips to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable journey with your kids.

Traveling with Kids
Traveling with Kids

1. Pick a location that’s close to the action

Choose an accommodation that is within walking distance to major tourist attractions. Prior to booking, estimate how long it will take to go from your accommodation to the tourist spots.

While you want a room that’s perfect for a holiday vacation with kids, chances are you and your kids would want to have fun outside. Whether it’s the beach, forest or city center, you’ll have more enjoyable moments when you pick the right location.

2. Consider apartment and condo rentals

Short-term condo and apartment rentals are great when traveling with kids. These usually come with furniture, a kitchen, washer and dryer, sleeping areas, and a living room. You can have the comfort and convenience of a hotel without the hefty price tag.

Places like Flair Towers offer a resort-like experience despite being located at the heart of a modern city. Vacation rentals are preferable if you and your kids wish to stay for a week or more in an area. Because of these rentals’ increasing popularity, you have plenty of options to find the best place that’s unique and suited to your budget.

kids love to swim
kids love to swim

3. Assess the onsite amenities

Check out the amenities your kids can enjoy. You want modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi, bathtub, and fitness center. For your kids, it’s usually the pool, playground, and entertainment room. Consider asking your kids about their preferences when choosing your accommodations.

In some hotels, young globetrotters can enjoy perks like cooking with chefs, outdoor activities, and other things beyond the standard amenities. But remember that a swanky hotel is not necessarily the best place for traveling families. The key is to assess the accommodation options based on your needs and preference.

4. Is the place family-friendly?

It’s crucial to pick accommodation that can manage the comfort and needs of everyone, not just your kids. Recall the airline safety reminder: put the oxygen mask first before assisting your child. For travel accommodations, the needs of both you and your kids are complementary.

You should be comfortable as well in order to address the needs of your children. Check if the accommodation has things like hypoallergenic beddings, nursery, and babysitting services. Also, consider if the place appeals to families or if it’s generally for couples and adults.

Happy Meal
Happy Meal

5. Available food for kids

Food is a practical and essential consideration. Kids can be picky with food, so make sure you have access to restaurants that serve kiddie meals. Some places offer free buffets for kids of certain ages, usually below the age of five.

Buffets are worth considering because they provide options. You can also pack lunches when you go out. Generally, renting conditions include being located near food shops and grocery stores.

6. Understand the accommodation rules and etiquette

No matter where you stay, kids are kids. They’re bound to make noise—even the behaved ones. Kids laugh, run around, and cry. These should be expected when traveling. However, bear in mind that some accommodations have expectations when it comes to kids’ behavior, such as no running in the halls and banging on walls.

Of course, you have to be considerate towards the other guests. Anticipate your kid’s behavior and understand the accommodation rules, then try to adjust accordingly. For example, pick a room with double doors to reduce the noise.

Bed for kids
Bed for kids

7. Book accommodation with separate sleeping areas

You might want to have a drink, have a conversation with your partner, or watch a movie at night. When you share a room with your kids, you can’t do those things if it’s already your kids’ bedtime. Instead of a standard room with two beds, consider accommodations like a one- or two-bedroom suite. You pay a little more, but having a good night’s sleep can ensure a pleasant family trip. A great alternative to hotels is vacation rentals, as already mentioned. They offer the comfort of a home and are normally priced lower.

8. Lighten your load and rent gears

You want to pack light when traveling with your kids. Check if your accommodation offers rental services for strollers, cribs, and the like.

More places have these on offer nowadays. Bringing heavy kids’ stuff to your trip is just cumbersome, so renting is a smart option. For apartment and condo rentals, ask if the owner can recommend a local business that can set up, say, a crib before your arrival.

Kids having fun
Kids having fun

9. There should be storage for your valuables

Because you’ll likely be out having fun with your kids, check if your accommodation has the means to store your valuables like money and jewelry. You wouldn’t want to lose an earring while swimming in the pool, so you need a secure space for your precious items.

Most places have a safe, but it’s better to double-check. Some items like your toddler’s special blanket can be confused as hotel linen. These items must also be stored properly.

10. Respond fast to kids’ needs

You learn to roll with the punches during family travel. Kids can be unpredictable, so keep an open mind and be ready to respond fast to their needs. Your accommodation should be willing to assist you when addressing your child’s needs.

Whether it’s an allergy or special room requirement, ask ahead of time. There should also be a medical service that’s immediately available. Workaround your child’s needs and you should have a happier vacation.

According to studies, family vacations are a source of lasting memories especially for kids. Ensure a happy family vacation by applying these accommodation tips on how to travel with kids. Despite the challenges, traveling with kids should be fun and filled with love.

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Written by Jeanette Anzon

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