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Starting Afresh at Nonie’s Healthy Restaurant Boracay

Nonie's Healthy Restaurant Boracay

Nonie’s Healthy Restaurant Boracay

Nowadays with a fast-growing population of health-conscious diners all over the world, more restaurateurs dedicate their menus to deliciously nutritious creations.

Sticky Pork Ribs by Nonie's fb page
Sticky Pork Ribs by Nonie’s fb page

In Boracay Island, an island that is known for its white sandy beaches, adrenaline-high activities and sports and non-stop partying, locals and tourists would really do well with such appetizing options.

The great thing is that most restaurants on the island already offer dishes that are prepared with less grease, minimal salt and sugar, more vegetables, and with unprocessed grains.

A restaurant with a full menu of nutritious and eco-centered dishes, however, makes a big difference. Like Nonie’s, which opened in a new cosmopolitan mall on the island’s booming Station 2 just last summer.,

Nonie’s stands as a breath of fresh air along the island’s bustling main road with its earthly ambience, nutritious menu and eco-centered ingredients.

Pumpkin Soup by Nonie's fb page
Pumpkin Soup by Nonie’s fb page

Adobo Chicken Salad by Nonie's fb page
Adobo Chicken Salad by Nonie’s fb page

Following its tagline, “Eat Good, Feel Good”, the blissful minds behind Nonie’s has brilliantly come up with a list of dishes to give diners a healthily prepared contribution of meat, vegetables, starch, and desserts into their diet.

Kimchi Noodle Soup by Nonie's fb page
Kimchi Noodle Soup by Nonie’s fb page
Tuna Roll by Nonie's fb page
Tuna Roll by Nonie’s fb page

They have light and satisfying seafood dishes like Tuna Rolls, a light snack of tuna sashimi, fresh pomelo and seasonal greens, served with homemade spicy yogurt dip; and citrus-punched Grilled Squid Salad with seasonal greens, torched orange, pickled cucumber and special in house dressing.

Beef Short Rib Kare-Kare by Nonie's fb page
Beef Short Rib Kare-Kare by Nonie’s fb page
Pandan Ginger Panna Cotta
Pandan Ginger Panna Cotta

When it comes to doling-up solely plant-based dishes for Vegans, Nonie’s has a selection prepared. They have Pumpkin Soup with fresh greens and toasted cashew nuts; homemade Kimchi Noodle Soup with grilled tofu, and rice noodles served in a spicy broth; Tofu Salad with toasted chickpeas, apple, seasoned greens and calamansi dressing; Vegan Sisig, a sizzling dish of freshly baked lavosh (unleavened flat bread); and heavenly desserts, such as Pandan Ginger Coconut Panna Cotta with lemon praline, Banana and Sweet Potato Pie served with coconut cream, and pandan dulce de leche, and Strawberry Cashew Cake with cacao nibs, orange zest and lemongrass sauce.

Strawberry Cashew Cake by Nonie's fb page
Strawberry Cashew Cake by Nonie’s fb page

Understanding that meat lovers always look for meat, Nonie’s meat offerings are certain to delight their senses up to their higher being. They have Chicken Frittata, chicken longganisa, caramelised onion and local buffalo cheese fritata with tomato chutney and side salad; slow-cooked Sticky Pork Ribs, marinated in pineapple juice and local spices; Beef Short Rib Kare-Kare with seasonal greens in a rich sauce of cashew and coconut milk served with organic black rice; and Adobo Chicken Salad with seasonal greens, local buffalo cheese, house dressing.

Banana and Sweet Potato Pie by Nonie's fb page
Banana and Sweet Potato Pie by Nonie’s fb page

Matching these mouthwatering dishes are lusciously healthy-concocted cold-pressed juices and smoothies made with ingredients, as Moringa, local seasoned fruits, herbs, and spices.

Grilled Squid Salad by Nonie's fb page
Grilled Squid Salad by Nonie’s fb page

Being a green or eco-loving restaurant, the ingredients that Nonie’s use are sourced with minimal carbon footprint, from the island and mainland, as well as Kalsada coffee beans from the northern provinces, which thrive under free-trade livelihood.

Nonie's Healthy Restaurant Boracay
Nonie’s Healthy Restaurant Boracay

So when you’re off for a fresh start in Boracay, go to Nonie’s (FB Page) at Station X, Station 2, Boracay, Malay, Aklan.

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Written by Amanda Virrey

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