Scenic Adventures in Borneo


Arriving into the capital city Kuching where the cultural heart of Borneo lies, this adventurous journey can start with a calm walk around the waterfront of the city. Before beginning the adventurous exploration of Borneo’s best scenic trails fit in some of the cultural and traditional architecture whilst in the relaxing ambience of the city. The colonial buildings, built around the 17th century are a perfect example of the heritage and culture of the island.

Manukan Island Beach Front
Manukan Island Beach Front

Kota Kinabalu

The long paradise beaches that continue forever, the colorful coral reefs and the tropical rain forests make up this increasingly popular resort destination. Most impressively is Mount Kinabalu which lies on the West coast of the Sabah city in the Kinabalu National Park. Gaze on the most spectacular views from Borneo’s highest point of the 13, 400 foot peak overlooking the South China Sea, which is Malaysia’s tallest.

Diving in Sabah
Diving in Sabah

Crocker Range National Park

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Close by Kota Kinabalu (90 miles away), with equally adventurous activities, is the jungle trekking exploration of Crocker Range National Park. Over 75 km in length and 15 km wide, this park has plenty to discover. The park also has a peak for keen hikers at Mount Alab. The natural plants that grow here are a perfect setting for the trek that diverse from mossy forests to bright, vivid tropical vegetation. The wildlife is equally as diverse even homing 3 endangered animals; the Orang-Utan, the Sun Bear and the Clouded Leopard. There are plenty of facilities to assist the less experienced on the trekking trails, as there are 4 major routes you can go with a guide or just request information.

Inside Suria Sabah
Inside Suria Sabah

Danum Valley

This area of conservation is also home to exciting surroundings and a range of wildlife, including endangered animals. A drive away from the famous Kinabatagan River, this destination is the road less traveled. In Borneo lies some of the oldest rainforests on the planet, and the rainforest in Danum Valley is ecological heaven. It has a complex ecosystem that can be explored trekking through the jungle trails or even at night on a guided night-time adventure. There are waterfalls that attract a range of marine and birdlife and in the centre of it all are wooden lodges to reside in the peaceful paradise.

Mulu Caves

At this point, a change from the idyllic scenic trails leads to an adventurous exploration of deserted caves. In the middle of the Mulu National Park, off the tourist trails lie the exhilarating caves, some of the largest in the world, that are just waiting to be investigated. The scenery is amazing, and similarly to most of Borneo, the wildlife and plant life will not disappoint.

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