Roberto’s Siopao in Iloilo – Siopao In The Name Of Love

Restaurants in Iloilo is a culinary delight. Whether you are looking for Filipino food or international food, you can definitely find it in Iloilo. The city’s busy streets are packed with things to eat and even if you only want a fast snack, you can find something exquisite. An example of that are the Siopao buns at Roberto’s.

Robertos Siopao
Roberto’s Famous Siopao

For those who aren’t familiar with Siopao, it’s a sweet bun filled with pork, chicken, adobo and other sweet ingredients like Ube, Monggo and Leche Flan. It’s a traditional Chinese snack and you can find it all over the Philippines but in my opinion the best ones can be found in Iloilo City and specifically at Roberto’s.

Pancit Sotanghon
Special Pancit Sotanghon

People say that the largest and the best Siopao come from Roberto’s and I believe it. When you walk in it’s old restaurant, you will feel as if you are back in the 1950’s and you can just tell that this is a place where the labor is of love.

Lumpiang Shanghai
Lumpiang Shanghai

The smells, the look, even the -dare I say – aura of the place gives off something beautiful. If it sounds like I’m rhapsodizing about these, perhaps it’s because I just had one and I’m still feeling the rosy glow of it inside me.

Roberto’s makes a Siopao that is filled with bacon, eggs, and yummy asado and bola bola goodness. They call it the Queen Siopao and they don’t always make them, when they do it’s as if the Krispy Kreme ‘Hot Donuts Now’ sign is flashing so make sure you don’t get run over in a stampede. Don’t worry though, if they sell out, they offer plenty of other tasty snacks and drinks too.

You’ll find Roberto’s at #61 JM Basa Street and if you want you can call ahead to see if they are making the Queen Siapo, she’ll stop you in your tracks if you let her. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, I think I’ll go buy an airline ticket to Iloilo and visit the resto soon…

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