Top Five Luxury resorts in the Philippines 2012

Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa

Luxury resorts in the Philippines

Philippines is the home of a diverse variety of plants, animals and sea creatures. The extensive coastlines, the great rainforests and the scenic beauty of a number of islands make Philippines one of the best tourism destinations in the World.

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa
Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Hospitality, accommodation facilities and other services are simply first-rate. If you are planning to travel to the Philippines for a vacation, then you would soon be confused as to choosing which resort to say.

Considering your interests in the best resorts with the best services, we list five finest Luxury resorts in Philippines. Evidently there are more than a handful of great luxury resorts in Philippines. The list below, however, considers feedback from a lot of people who experienced the luxury.

Top five luxury resorts in the Philippines are :

Aman Resorts, Amanpulo : The beautiful and spectacular Pamalican Islands in the Philippines houses Aman Resorts. Cirrus streaked skies, powder white sands, and brilliant coral reefs are the main attractions of the Aman resorts. The dwellings are of native style and there are hillside and treetop casitas, which offer incredibly beautiful and scenic views.

Amanpulo Resort Beach Front
Amanpulo Resort Beach Front

Buri Spa and Resort : Inside Puerto Galera Bay in the Batangas channel, is where Buri Spa and Resort is located. You will learn to appreciate and respect even the simple pleasures in life after spending your time in this spa. The Spa treatments and the hospitality are exemplary. With the magnificent outdoors and the beautiful indoors, Buri Spa is one of the best. Rates start at Php 5,500.

Buri Spa and Resort
Buri Spa and Resort

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa : On Panglao Island, this calm, serene and unexplainably beautiful Resort resides amid 16 hectares of tropical gardens. With an outstanding spa and 15 private villas, this resort respects your privacy and treats you with humbling hospitality. The breathtaking views and the serene atmosphere would relieve you of all stress and tension. Rates start at $500.

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa : Only 30 minutes from Cebu city, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is the classiest of all resorts, residing in over 11.3 hectares of secluded grounds. This resort features the private way, which is said to be the largest privately owned water way. This refreshing spa will heal you of all negative thoughts and lets you experience the real flavors of life. With mini bars, split AC and brilliantly crafted furniture, your room will blow your mind. Rates start at $150.

Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa
Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa

Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa : You can’t explain the beauty of this resort in words. Look up and you will see azure blue skies. Look down and the sight of clear, calm water would soothe you even in your worst mood. Bellarocca Island Resort sports a Santorini inspired architecture and a wide array of spectacular scenery such as seaside cliffs, green hills, misty valleys, hot springs, waterfalls etc. You can even take a dip to see for yourself, the beauty of the flora and fauna underwater. For adventurers, this is the best resort, which still houses many regions which still remains unexplored or documented. Rates start at $400.

These are just our pick of the top five luxury resorts in Philippines.
  1. Patrick in Cebu Philippines says

    Plantation Bay Resort and Spa near Cebu Philippines is absolutely one of my favorites. Beautiful grounds with a plantation like feel.

  2. travellersph says

    Whew been to Buri Resort & Spa its so relaxing and quiet there. Nice to be back Buri Staff 🙂

  3. Zoe Mei Resort says

    As what I have observed, all the resorts illustrated above are ideal to visit. They all have nice views and great accommodation which are the in-demand qualifications for tourists and visitors. Good thing you published them here, but it made my mind think deeper. 🙂

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