Rimowa Topas MULTIWHEEL 64.01 Liters Suitcase Review

At Manila International Airport

Rimowa Topas MULTIWHEEL Suitcase Review

Rimowa is practically a synonym for quality luggage, providing a wide array of products for the travel-loving public. One of their more popular units is the Rimowa Topas Multiwheel 64.01 Liters Suitcase Luggage which is built to provide an array of benefits for the stylish jetsetter.

rimowa topas multiwheel luggage
rimowa topas multiwheel luggage

Here’s a Rimowa Topas MULTIWHEEL 64.01 Liters Suitcase review to help you check this product out:

rimowa topas sport multiwheel
rimowa topas sport multiwheel


The silver colored luggage has a measurement of 26.8 by 17.7 by 11.2 inches with a weight of roughly 13.2lb. As mentioned, it has a predicted volume of 64.01 liters.

Rimowa Topas Multiwheel 68cm Medium Suitcase
Rimowa Topas Multiwheel 68cm Medium Suitcase

Product Features

Here are some of the built-in perks of the item:

• 2 TSA combination locks
• 1 leverage lock
• Add-a-bag holder
• 2 Flex-Divider systems
• Luggage label
• Silver exterior

Product Pros

Beautifully stylish, the first thing you’d notice about this product is the outstanding coloring of silver which just grabs the eye. When brought to the airport, it’s fairly easy to locate it in the conveyor belt, thereby cutting the waiting process marginally. The silver coloring also makes it ideal for both men and women travelers as the shade isn’t partial to any gender

The 2 TSA combination locks incredibly boost the security f the luggage. More importantly, the TSA combination locks mean that you won’t have a problem going through customs as the lock is one of those approved for travel. Combined with the leverage lock, you’ll be sure that your items remain safe and secure regardless of where you’re going

The multiwheel feature makes it incredibly easy to move from one spot to another. The unique positioning of the wheels also allows for easy navigation, the wheels quickly adjusting to sharp turns and speed. This way, you’d be able to get to the gate as fast as you can without being logged down by a heavy weight.

Remington Hotel Manila
Remington Hotel Manila

Product also comes with an add-a-bag holder because you can never have enough room for things needed during travel. They’re ideal for those coming home after a holiday and loaded with all sorts of stuff for the family

The luggage label further improves the security and easy of identifying the bag – just in case there are others like this in your flight – although it’s highly unlikely!

The 2-flex divider system allows for convenient packing of your stuff. This’ makes it easy to separate different aspects of what you’re brining, allowing for quick retrieval should you need it at anytime. With numerous compartments, you shouldn’t have a hard time assigning a different spot to a different part of the luggage

The sheer size of the Rimowa Topas MULTIWHEEL 64 Liters Luggage makes it perfect for long travels. With this luggage on your side, there’s really no other need for any other container since the multiwheeler can accommodate practically anything you need.

At Manila International Airport
At Manila International Airport

You can also have an electronic tag attached to the bag, but that’s only available as an option upon purchase.

Product Cons

The sheer size and weight of the product can also work against you, especially if you have a limited baggage allowance. The luggage itself already weighs a lot so you’ll have to consider that when packing.

RIMOWA Store Branches are available in the Philippines at Greenbelt 5, Adora Greenbelt 5, Power Plant Mall, Shangri-la Plaza, Newport Mall, Glorietta 4 and City of Dreams. For more inquiries, please visit www.rimowa.com.


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