Puerto Galera Reggae Festival 2011 @ Encenada Beach Resort

If you want to know why Puerto Galera has become one of the hubs of Reggae music in the Philippines you don’t have to do much more than just pay a visit, but just in case you can’t break free and head there right now, I’ve put together a little bit of the 411 on the Puerto Galera Reggae scene. The Yearly Reggae Concert will show you why the Puerto Galera Reggae Festival at the Encenada Beach Resort is one of the hottest events in the island.

Puerto Galera Reggae Festival
Puerto Galera Reggae Festival

Want to know what’s happening? Check out what Ludwig V. Fuentebella at the Encenada Beach Resort has to say.

“Bob Marley is still well-loved and you can hear bars and beach resorts especially Encenada Beach Resort play reggae music to the delight of tourists and locals. Yes! Reggae music is alive and well in Puerto Galera!! Come and celebrate with us on May 1 the 2011 Puerto Galera Reggae Festival featuring top reggae bands from Manila and PG! Right on the beachfront of Encenada. One love one heart let’s get together and feel alright!!!”

This year’s festival will feature some of the most popular reggae artist in the Philippines including Cocojam and Papadom plus the island beats of Coffee Break Island, Kapis, Iraya, and Kook Laki. Of course, a festival isn’t just about the music, it’s also about the activities and this year there are plenty of them. Whether you want to windsurf, paddleboard or play beach soccer there will be plenty of sporting fun for everyone. And if you want to just chill out you can get henna tattoos, enjoy the beer and rum, or just dance the nights away.

Those attending can find a pretty great promotional package put together for groups of four or more that includes roundtrip transfer from CityState Hotel Ermita from Manila to Encenada which will bring you to three days and two nights of jamming at the Encenada Beach Resort. You can chill out with aircon, enjoy your free breakfast, get in the mood with welcome drinks and have a couple of included drinks (SMB or Pepsi) at the festival Plus you can check email with the free wifi in the hotel, use all the guest facilities (darts, paddleboats, and billiards) and of course admission is included to the Puerto Galera Reggae Festival too. The cost….just 4100 pesos per person.

To find out more you can visit www.encenadabeachresort.com or email [email protected]

  1. ludwig fuentebella says

    Salamat Melo! It was indeed a blast last night April 30, (not May 1 as previously announced, Encenada played and swayed all day and night. Salamat Cocojam w/ Jun Lopito, Papadom, Coffee Break Island, Kapis, Grassroots, Iraya, Kool Laki, Turtle Club,Ric Nugent, Papadom, and DJ Tasuki! And to the teams who joined the 2011 PGRF mini-beach soccer games!

  2. melo says

    you are more than welcome Loloy:) see you soon:)

  3. Boracay says

    This is quite intresting.. I love reggae music.. it’s very relaxing to listen. I think i really should pay a visit here.. this’ll be a good place to unwind, and chill with smooth reggae music? 🙂

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