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Prepared itinerary for your Mt. Daraitan Getaway

Itinerary for your Mt. Daraitan Getaway

We had posted here recently those nature adventures that can be offered by Mt. Daraitan. (Here’s the link if you missed it: Wandering in the wonder of Mt. Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal) So, if you plan visiting this mountain in Tanay, Rizal, we prepare a detailed itinerary for your Mt. Daraitan getaway. (I also included more pictures here for you to be more excited with this adventure!)

Fees and Regulations before you hike Mt. Daraitan Getaway
Mount Daraitan Fees and Regulations before you hike

Tinipak River and Mt. Daraitan 2-day hike

As what I’ve recommended, it’s best to spend two days for your Mt. Daraitan getaway to enjoy all the activities here. There’s no need to rush during a two-day hike since the mountain is kind of tough to climb.

Huge Rocks in Tinapak River
Huge Rocks at Tinapak River – Mt. Daraitan Getaway

Day 1

(First point: Jeepney/SUV terminal to Tanay at Starmall Shaw Blvd.)

  • 0600 ETD from Shaw (Ride jeep or SUV in Starmall terminal going to Tanay terminal/wet market)
  • 0800 ETA in Tanay terminal/wet market (Ride tricycle to Brgy. Daraitan)
  • 1000 ETA in Brgy. Daraitan/ register and get a guide/ take early lunch (This is the jump-off point.)

Starting the Trek
Starting the Trek

It’s better to eat your early lunch at the Brgy. Hall or registration area so you can lessen your baggage. Less baggage, less garbage.

Tinapak River Campsite
Tinapak River Campsite

  • 1130 Start trek to Tinipak River campsite
  • 1300 ETA in campsite
  • 1330 Set-up tent/ prepare for caving adventure

Caving Adventure
Caving Adventure

Note: Wear something conducive for swimming activity. Sando, shorts and slippers will do. Inside the cave there’s this body of water where you’ll be swimming. They called it Jacuzzi. Take note, the water is soooooo cold. It depends on how much you want to stay in your caving and Jacuzzi adventure, but you can continue swimming at the Tinipak River.

Fresh Spring Water Anyone?
Fresh Spring Water Anyone?

  • 1600 Return to campsite
  • 1700 Prepare dinner
  • 1800 Dinner/ Socials

I suggest not to drink liquor. If you can’t avoid to have, just don’t drink too much. It’ll be harder for you to climb Mt. Daraitan the next day.

Birds Eyeview
Birds Eyeview

Day 2

I recommend that when you hike Mt. Daraitan, return to the campsite rather than traversing or descending to the Brgy. Hall. This is what we actually did so we can leave our baggage since we expect that it will be a hard climb for us. Hike with light baggage.

  • 0500 Prepare for Mt. Daraitan climb/ eat breakfast
  • 0600 Start Mt Daraitan hike

View from the Top
View from the Top

Hiking to Mt. Daraitan summit will require 3-4 hours.

  • 1000 At Mt. Daraitan Peak / photo opp
  • 1100 Start descend
  • 1300 ETA in campsite
  • 1330 Pack up
  • 1430 Return to jump-off point

Rewarding View from the Top
Rewarding View from the Top

Important notes: Actually, there’s no need to pack foods and bring water to the campsite. Going to the campsite, there’s this stream which water is safe for drinking. There’s also this canteen 2-minutes away from the stream where you can buy food. All you have to bring is a bottle of water where you can refill it in the stream.

A local guide is required for safety reasons.

Within the barangay, there are houses that can accommodate hikers who would like to take a bath and freshen up for only Php20.00 per person.

View from the Summit
View from the Summit

Expenses (food is excluded): Php370.00 per person

Shaw to Tanay via jeep Php60.00
Tanay to Daraitan via tricycle Php100.00
Environmental Fee Php20.00
Bathing Php20.00
Daraitan to Tanay via tricycle Php100.00
Tanay to Shaw via FX Php70.00

Then add your individual share for overnight guide fee at Php1,250 per group which can facilitate up to 10 persons.

Contact Details:

Tanay Tourism Office: +639989881590
Willy (Head Guide): +639069533470

Mt. Daraitan is a mountain worth climbing for. It’s very accessible from Metro Manila. The Brgy. Daraitan tourism also ensures safety and security of their tourists. And the environment is clean and still protected.

*Prices may change without prior notice.

Written by Kris Crismundo

Kris Crismundo is a travel journalist from Meycauayan Bulacan.

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