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Pottery Barn Philippines: Your Haven Engineer at BGC


“In the Philippines, we should give a peek to some of us that wants to get out of the box and try out something new that “clicks” with regards to design and style, perhaps a state of the art or we might prefer to say “Contemporary Look” for our home’s interior design will do the job.”

Pottery Barn in Bonifacio High Street
Pottery Barn in Bonifacio High Street

This generation is what we regard as the “Modern Generation”, a bunch of people that surprisingly differs a lot from their Mom’s and Dad’s generation especially their Grandpa’s and Grandma’s generation. A generation that needs to be carefully understood otherwise misinterpreted and judged. A generation that is open to change. Clearly in a funny way, this generation desires to be the “Taylor Lautners”, “Edward Cullens” even so “Bell Swans” so as to speak of their days, reaching to the world as their audience. In easier said, a generation that wants to be significant.

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Inside Pottery Barn in BGH
Inside Pottery Barn in BGH

Now speaking, Filipinos can be observed as a nation dominated in terms of number by the Young People. Probably, this is clear by saying safely we are mostly made up of College Students, below that and Young Professionals. With this set up, surely we pack a punch of passion and energy. Also, there are new ideas here and there some of these are birth out on the spot. So we get the point that this generation feeds on those things that are new and at the same time clicks with its contemporary “lingo”.

Want these on your dining table?
Want these on your dining table?

We are starving to satisfy our cravings in such a speedy way that almost every day we want to “RE-CLICK” those things that we want. We want things with our style punched in it real good. Let’s apply what we learned earlier and maybe just consider this new “click” for upcoming graduate students and more applicably to those young professionals. Let’s face it? Who doesn’t want a new house? Probably, it’s in everyone’s A-LIST as their top priority then a cool car too.

We heard it again and again that the Youth wants to help their parents and what better way is having a house of their own and if they get filthy rich, a new house for their Mom and Dad too. Interior Design is what we want to hit real hard here. If we are to be clever and make the most out of dreaming we would aim to build our dream house. An advent here enters the scene of the Contemporary Filipino World. Have we ever heard of POTTERY BARN? I can sense now our appetites and desires getting stirred up.

These flowers look so real
These flowers look so real

Yes this is really new here and it’s located in the premiere haven for people looking for a hangout place wherein passion, class and creativity explode seamlessly, none other than, “The city of passionate minds”, Bonifacio Global City Taguig more popularly known as BGC.

What better way to make this blog 3d? It’s to get a load of the Pottery Barn (PB) realm and have a gaze, breathe and feel of the actual setting. Yours truly being there had a prestigious chance to warmly meet, greet and chat with a very kind enthusiast none other than the general manager of the great realm namely, Neil Gaz.

How about a pillow fight?
How about a pillow fight?

I bet that every great company may it be any business or establishment have its general manager as a paramount model or representation of its identity, culture and excellency.

Traversing through time and space during our very interesting chat, I was able to be a witness, bearer and forerunner of the identity of PB as seen in the values, likes and joys of Neil. Down to the point, I was able to extract in this gold mine conversation that he is a very sociable person which is a crystal clear identity of PB as a culmination of dreams for interior designs globally. He likes to take things very composed, “suave” and cheerful. I’m left stunned after our fine little chat that he being able to return to our homeland because he spent most of his previous years in Canada really missed a lot of things that is just exclusively done here.

Bed and Bath Section
Bed and Bath Section

To quote a great liner from Neil here is one that got a hold of my thoughts, “One of my personal preference that I found here in the Philippines is the capacity to be able to really take time to share a scrumptious meal with someone especially our family or friends to be able to never forget to build strong relationships with them then soaked everything.”

The Author at the Pottery Barn
The Author (in green shirt) at the Pottery Barn

A more detailed view regarding Pottery Barn can be spotted in their website www.poterybarn.com.

With all these great stuffs unconcealed regarding PB and more than those, making our dream haven a reality right before our very eyes we needed a concrete, steel-like and diamond durable action plan. We need to take heed and train this current generation of youngsters into geniuses of finances by giving them strategies to be financially prepared as their greatest arsenal to hit and mark of their dreams. And the key is? Being open-minded, enthusiast, observant and even a humble listener to all the possibilities laid down to us by the people around us, bigger is scope what trends globally.



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