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Travel Guide on Things to Pack for Mountaineering Newbies

Mountaineering is one of those activities that is done almost anywhere on the globe and almost any time of the year. It’s a famous recreational activity that has become either a sport or a habit of many. However, just because it’s widespread doesn’t mean it’s all that easy.

Climbing your way to the top
Climbing your way to the top

Mountaineering is not just about hiking, climbing, camping, and more climbing. There are a lot of things you need to consider first before you can go mountaineering this season; and even the professionals need to refer to this list from time to time:

It should be evident by now that when you go out of your house, and into the wilderness, you should have the basic necessities of humans: clothes, shelter, security and welfare, water, and food. The clothes you bring should match with the season. Bring light clothes on the hot days, and thick clothes on the cold ones. You should also consider precipitation (rain, snow, etc.). Be sure that your clothes, shoes, and belt, perfectly fit you. It would be uncomfortable to go mountaineering when you constantly have to adjust your clothes. When the walk to the peak of the mountain is long, of course you need a place to spend the night and/or rest.

Again, you should consider the climate and the weather in that place. Making fire from sticks and rocks is not as easy as how it’s shown in movies, so make sure you also have matches, or anything else that would immediately make fire.

You’re outdoors, so expect that it’s going to be very chilly when the sun sets. Also, bring a first aid kit, some sun screen, and an insect repellent. You may also bring some wipes in case you don’t want to use a leaf to clean yourself up when nature calls.

Mountaineering Essentials
Mountaineering Essentials

If you’re going to travel in a large group, then you don’t have to worry bringing all of those things on your own. You can divide the luggage among yourselves, so your hike would be much easier. Water and food, however, is something you should always have with you, whether you’re travelling in a group, or alone. Food and water are what would keep you going throughout the trip, so make sure to have them in ample amounts.

Now this is important: Make sure the food you bring will give you enough energy to last, and make sure that it wouldn’t be too bulky in your back pack, too. And, no, I’m not talking about crackers. I’m talking about protein-rich food that will give you the strength you need to carry on and enjoy life. I’m talking about San Marino Tuna Flakes.

It’s the canned tuna flakes with the green (for the flakes in oil variant) and orange labels (for the hot and spicy variant) on your grocery stores. It’s one of a kind, so you won’t miss it. It’s in an easy-open can, so eating it will be hassle and mess-free. It’s light, handy, but complete. It’s definitely something you should have, whether you’re travelling alone, or in groups.

Written by Melo Villareal

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