Photoblogging 101 : What is Photoblogging?

If you have not heard about “web logs” or “blogs” you are lacking one of the brand new online portfolio tools that is now commonly used by photographers. “Blogs” are simple to use web publishing tool which enable anybody to generate chronologically organized websites (usually narrowly defined as “diaries”) with built-in search and comment characteristics. These are template driven and in most cases, it offers a series of smartly designed layout displays, that may be custom-made by those with the coding abilities.

Taking Seascape Photos

PhotoBlogs are public, and most of them usually present the most recent photo content before anything else, along with hyperlinks to automatically created archives structured by day and/or subject groups. Consider it is the easiest personalized photo web publishing possible. A “Photoblog” is actually both a noun (the web site by itself) and a verb- the actual act associated with writing and posting a photo to that website or blog.

Ferdz Decena in El Nido Palawan

Photoblogs are photo driven and may encompass really short description about the photo or can be extended to multi-page compositions. Most Photoblogs in the Philippines are mainly focused on Travel, Pop Culture and Food. A travel blog for example may also utilize this format of blogging in order to entice the web visitor to visit a particular location based on the pictures published on the blog.The main objective of Photoblogs becomes much more on self-expression than merely an exercise to satisfy some minimum assignment. Authors often start out by blogging about their favorite photographs in the hopes that their output will intrigue visitors into leaving comments for all to see. The blog at that point may have a dynamic, but loosely structured social environment.

Ada in Samal Island

Photoblogs are made up mostly of collections of electronic pictures – these are outputs downloaded from digital cameras and camera equipped mobile phones. They are usually communicating solely by imagery and these “photoblogs” offer a potential method for, say art students to build portfolios, science students to post images recording a project or for freelance photographers to showcase their expertise in a specific photography niche.

Winston Almendras in Davao

Students performing laboratory experiments or even field work could document observational data (e.g. plant growth, architecture styles, geology features) as project elements. They may come in handy in applications associated with tele-medicine or any type of documentary.

Melo Villareal in Intramuros Manila – (Photo by Nina Fuentes)

The newest technology of mobile telephones allows everyone to take photographs with an extremely portable device, and then email them instantaneously to a photoblog to be posted and this is actually known as “moblogging” or “mobile blogging. As an example, checkout my photoblog Lost in Manila – A freelance photographers journal, some of the posted photos are real time pictures of festivals and events that i have covered before using an iPhone 3gs camera phone. While these fresh camera cell phones may appear and represent the latest and greatest, look out, because just around the corner are phones that will record video and post it to a web site but thats completely a different topic called video blogging. I might create a post about video blogging anytime soon:)

Enrico Dee of Byahilo in Intramuros

Photoblogs offer an easy way for external visitors to deliver suggestions (comments) and have interesting tools to connect to other Photoblogs of interest, plus “syndication” tools that allow icons of the very latest photos to be automatically shown and updated within other web sites.

If students in a photography course were creating online photoblogs of their work, a teacher could set up a website that allows him/her to scan the newest updates from an individual website that uses these types of syndication feeds, instead of coming to a static site to examine exactly what has been recently added.

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