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Davao City : Home of the World’s largest Eagle


It’s our second day in Davao and since we hired a Toyota Van, we decided to visit the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos Davao City. It has been more than five years since I last visited this park and I was really impressed after seeing a lot of improvements in the park.

cat in philippine eagle center
Our tour guide

The trees have grown and the place looks like a well maintained man made forest with a beautiful landscape. They constructed a film center where Philippine Eagle documentaries can be viewed, its intention is to build awareness for the conservation of “Haring Ibon” (Philippine Eagle).

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The Monkey Eating Eagle
The Monkey Eating Eagle

Upon entering the park, we were welcomed by a “poser” tour guide, a male “pusakal” (street cat). The lovely cat constantly followed Gail until we reached the eagle center. In the middle of our walk, the cat suddenly stopped following us and started posing for a pictorial. We immediatly grabbed our cameras and pointed it to the “camera / attention whore” cat. Oh Well, we enjoyed that pit stop.

philippine eagle center
Philippine Eagle Center

The Philippine Eagle Centre used to be primarily a breeding and conservation facility, but it has opened its doors to students, locals and foreign tourists for educational purposes.

monkeys in philippine eagle center
Monkeys in Philippine Eagle Center

Like the American bald eagle is to the United States, the Philippine Eagle or “The Monkey Eating Eagle”, is now known as the National Bird of the Philippines.

philippine eagle center
Flowers in Davao Eagle Center

According to Wikipedia, The Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) or Banog (the local name) is the tallest, and one of the rarest, largest and most powerful eagle in the world. This bird of prey, or raptor, belongs to the family Accipitridae and also called “Haribon” or “Haring Ibon,” meaning “Bird King.”

philippine eagle center
Philippine Eagle Park

Apart from the wide collection of Philippine birds, the park also showcases the best of Philippine Flora and Fauna.

philippine eagle center
Davao’s Colorful Flora

The park is surrounded with colorful flowering plants and various endemic trees. No wonder, The Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos is considered as the country’s best eco-tourism destination. The Philippine Eagle Centre is located in Malagos, Baguio District in Davao City. If you have inquiries about the eagle park, you can email them at info[@]philippineeagle.org or you may call them at +6382-2243021.

crocodile philippine eagle center
Philippine Crocodile

How To Get There:

To get to the PEC in Malagos, you can hire a taxi in Downtown Davao, it will only be a 45 minute drive to reach the Philippine Eagle Concervation Park. If you prefer to go there by Bus, Calinan Bound Buses departs from the Annil Terminal located at the corner of Quirino and San Pedro Extension every 15 minutes. From Calinan, you need to take a pedicab to reach the eagle centre.

Before entering the park, the Davao City Water District will collect an entrance fee of P5 for adults and P3 for kids. Entrance fee in the Philippine Eagle Centre is only P50 for adults and P30 for 18 years old and below visitors.

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  1. I remember my first visit on the Philippine Eagle or “The Monkey Eating Eagle” Center. I couldn’t wait to see if the eagle would really eat the monkey (lol – child days). Well, frustrated I wasn’t able to see it, hahaha. But those eagles are big and much bigger when they spread their wings. One thing I observed, every time I visit the center, I see new additions and that’s a good thing for a very distinct bird.

  2. I very thanks to all Filipino in the position which is responsible for the improvement of our the real Delicacy and Pride our Great Eagle. I hope not only in Davao you improve our Pride Eagle but also to the other place in visayas or in Palawan. Lets do our share to keep our eagle in the instict and enjoyable life….

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