Island hopping in Davao with Islands Banca Cruises

It was my second time to experience Island Hopping with Islands Banca Cruises. My first time was in Cebu where they initially launched the tour packages and my second was last year in Davao during DFAT (Davao Food Appreciation Tour) 2012.

Vanishing Island
Vanishing Island

What i love about their tour is their customized boat with comfortable seats and large sun decks that are specially designed for having sun bathe and sightseeing. Aside from their expanded sundeck, cushioned seats and attractive exteriors, I also enjoyed their facilities like iPod dock, clean rest rooms, Wi-Fi Internet access and cold beverages inside the boats.

Watersports in Samal
Watersports in Samal

Island hopping in Davao with Islands Banca Cruises is a thrilling way to enjoy the scenic beauty of beaches and marine life of Davao. This special Banca cruise tours are designed in customized packages. The tours can be from a half day hopping to a full day of cruising.

Stopover at Vanishing Island
Stopover at Vanishing Island by Chris Nierva

A full day island hopping is the best choice to explore the cool water journey. The tour company provides warm hospitable crew that are also well trained in all aspects of boat operation. Each Banca is designed to accommodate 20 tourists at a time excluding the boat captain, tour guides and other staffs as well as life guards.

Lunch Time
Lunch Time by Chris Nierva

Banca cruises offer recreational equipments such as scuba gear, underwater camera, dive masks, snorkel, fins and kayaks. Besides, a trash can and washrooms are provided at the back side of the boat. Island Banca Cruise offers budget friendly packages which include sunset cruises and lechon or barbeque picnics. They provide corporate tours as well as customized Banca picnics.

Talicud Island
Talicud Island

The trip covers the beautiful island beaches and marine sanctuaries within Samal Island. Some of the attractive destinations of the cruise are the Vanishing Island, Coral Garden, and Babu santa resort etc.

Jumpshot - Vanishing Island
Jumpshot – Vanishing Island by Chris Nierva

Depending on your requirements, Banca cruise also offer full lunch with elaborate seafood buffet set on an island. Floating restaurants are also available for special occasions such as wedding or dinner dates. It also offers birthday party packages for kids. Fish feeding activity, dolphin watching, dive safaris, and snorkeling in marine sanctuaries are some other attractive features of the cruise.

Whats best about Islands Banca Cruises is that travelers can customize the trip according to their own interest. They can arrange tailor made packages with budget friendly rates.

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