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Lucban Pahiyas Festival 2017 Schedule of Events, Travel Tips and more

Colorful Pahiyas 2017

Lucban Pahiyas Festival 2017 Schedule of Activities

The Pahiyas Festival 2017 is the most popular harvest festival in the Philippines. A draw for both the local and foreign tourists, the event is celebrated every 15th of May by the people of Lucban, Quezon in honor of San Isidro Labrador.

A smiling kid in one of the 2017 Pahiyas Decorated houses
A smiling kid in one of the 2017 Pahiyas Decorated houses

The Festival is a thanksgiving on a bountiful harvest. This is why you’ll find that the displays are all colorful and made up of fruits, vegetables, and other handicrafts. A community event, you’ll find that most homes, especially along the parade area, are adorned with colorful designs in unity with the Festival.

Pahiyas Festival 2017 Schedule of Activities – To Be Updated

There’s no specific schedule of activities released as of yet as the local government is still in the process of arranging everything. Further updates will be posted to give you a more accurate idea on how and when it will be celebrated.

The typical schedule of activities contains the following:

  • Holy Mass – usually started as early as 6 in the morning, the holy mass marks the official opening of the event.
  • San Isidro Labrador Procession – in honor of the festival patron, the holy mass is followed by a procession of devotees of the San Isidro Labrador.
  • Timpalak Pahiyas – each household decorates their home and tries to outdo each other in creativity, beauty, and colors. The friendly competition adds to the festivity with the best homes getting a grand prize.
  • Grand Parade – the event everyone is waiting for, the Grand Parade is a massive procession of floats, marching bands, street dancing, and carabaos – all dressed in colorful clothes to attract and give thanks to a bountiful harvest.
  • Timpalak Pahiyas Kutitap – come nighttime, the Festival now hosts beautiful firework displays and designs which start around 6 PM or later, depending on the night sky.
  • Karera ng Kabayo – a horse racing event, this is typically done on a different day.
  • Awarding of Winners – this is the closing portion of the event where contest participants will be announced and receive their prize.
Pahiyas Festival 2017
Pahiyas Festival 2017

Pahiyas Festival 2017 Travel Info 

When is It Celebrated?

The Pahiyas Festival is celebrated every 15th of May. It’s a whole day affair, the main event of which is the colorful parade. However, the length of the Festival itself usually takes 4 or 5 days with each day having a specific event.

How to Get There by Public Transport?

There are three ways to get to Lucban, Quezon starting from Manila. First is by choosing the Calamba-Lucban route. Your take a bus bound for Sta. Cruz. You get off at SM Calamba where you can find the passenger van terminal that has public vehicles bound for Lucban.

You can also take the Lucena-Lucban route. Starting from Manila, you take a bus that’s bound for Lucena City in Quezon. There are several buses taking this trip, their terminals located at Buendia-Taft, Pasay-EDSA, Araneta Center in Cubao, and EDSA-Kamuning. The ride will take you to Lucena Grand Central Terminal. From here, you can take a bus or jeepney to Lucban.

Lastly, there’s the Sta. Cruz to Lucban option. Just take the bus to Sta. Cruz from Manila. Once you reach Sta. Cruz, you take a jeep for Lucban.

Lucban Pahiyas Festival 2016 Schedule of Events, Travel Tips and more
Pahiyas Festival 2016 in LucbanLucban Pahiyas Festival 2016 Schedule of Events, Travel Tips and more

How to Get There by Private Car?

If driving, you should take the South Luzon Expressway and take the Calamba exit. You will pass through the towns of Calamba, Los Banos, Bay, Victoria, Pila, Sta. Cruz. Pagsanjan, Cavinti, and Luisiana. You’ll reach the town of Lucban thereafter which will be the first town in Quezon.

How Long Does It Take to Travel?

Travel time depends largely on the traffic as well as the kind of vehicle you’ll be taking. For the most part, however, the travel time takes 3 to 4 hours with no stopping in between. However, since you’ll be taking 2 rides for public transport, expect some downtime as you wait for other passengers.

San Isidro Labrador at the center of Pahiyas Decorated House in Lucban
San Isidro Labrador at the center of Pahiyas Decorated House in Lucban

How Much Will the Trip Cost?

Depending on what you’ll be using as transport, the cost of travel can be anywhere from Php500 to Php1500 pesos.

2017 Pahiyas Festival in Lucban Quezon
2017 Pahiyas Festival in Lucban Quezon

Where to Stay During Pahiyas 2017?

It is strongly advised that those visiting for the Pahiyas Festival 2017 confirm their hotel booking weeks or even months in advance. Being an internationally famous event, the Festival draws in people from all over the world. Hence, it’s not surprising for accommodation to run out in the week when the Festival is celebrated.

If all nearby accommodations run out, your next best choice would be accommodations in nearby locations of Tayabas, Majayjay, or Lucena. You’ll find ample accommodations there. Note though that if you leave it too late, you might find that even those are full to bursting.

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Can This be a Day Trip?

If you’re thinking about doing the Pahiyas Festival DIY trip to Lucban to view the decorated houses and leaving soon thereafter, then you should know that this is going to be a tough journey. It is more than possible for those who will be driving using their own cars. Those using public transport, however, might have a hard time finding a spot for their departure. Still, it can be done – just bear in mind that you might not be able to fully enjoy the Festival if you leave early. I would recommend for your to invite friends to carpool or maybe avail of any Pahiyas Festival 2017 tour packages being offered by trusted online travel agents.

Pancit Lucban
Pancit Lucban

Where Can I Eat During the 2017 Pahiyas Festival?

Quezon gears itself up every 15th of May to receive a virtual tidal wave of tourists. Hence, you can be sure that there will be dozens of possible restaurants to choose from. Street foods offering local delicacies will also be abundant. Make sure to eat their best-known dishes while there including pancit habhab, longganisang Lucban, grilling kiping, buchi, and pilipit. Kiping is a must and is actually part of the decorations during the parade.

Pahiyas Festival 2017
Pahiyas Festival 2017 – Photo credit: IRRI Images / CC BY-NC-SA

What Kind of Security is Offered?

The high point of the Festival is a colorful parade on the streets. Due to the highly public nature of the Festival, close security cannot be guaranteed. Tourists are advised to keep their valuables close or keep them safe in their hotel accommodations. Security and medic stations will be posted in the town center.

Ontop of Kamay ni Hesus Hill
Ontop of Kamay ni Hesus Hill

What Else Can I Do in Lucban?

Lucban offers year round activities and tourist attractions that make the visit truly something to remember. Other spots you can check out include the Lucban Cathedral, the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine, the Majayjay Falls, the Borawan Beach and other beautiful beaches in Quezon Province. The last three destinations can be visited as side trips to neighboring locations of Laguna and Quezon.

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