Stranded in Paradise – Boracay Island

I just set foot in the island an hour ago so don’t bother asking how long am I stranded here in the island:) Oh Well, If I were to pick the perfect place to be stranded, certainly it would be Boracay Island with it’s amazing white beaches, not so laid back population, and water that sparkles like emeralds.

worlds best beaches

Best Beach in the World

These days the secret is out about Boracay and it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Visayas if not in the entire Philippines. I’m not all that crazy about most ‘top tourist destination’ designated spots in the Philippines or anywhere else, Boracay is different. Somehow it absorbs the crowds, makes them a part of the local scene, and allows both the locals and visitors to wake up each morning with recharged batteries, restored youthful vigor… and sandy flip-flops.

boracay birds eyeview

Boracay : Birds Eyeview

If you learned about Boracay by watching your favorite TV celebrity enjoying the powdery sand and turquoise waters, then let me share you one of the islands interesting facts. The original people of Boracay were the Ati tribe, one of many Negrito people who populate the islands of the Philippines and other countries in Asia.

activities in boracay

Kids Pastime in Boracay

The Ati had Boracay mostly to themselves until 1956 when it was admitted as an independent province called Aklan. A small number of tourists began visiting and in the 1970’s the flood gates opened. No one is really sure what happened, Boracay certainly wasn’t any different from other island in the country, suddenly it was firmly placed on the tourist maps of both Filipino Travelers and International Travelers. Resorts emerged, tourist trades developed, and places like White Beach became no fishing zones.

under the coconut tree

Under the Coconut Tree

Whenever I’ve come to Boracay though, I steer clear of a lot of the tourist places. The island is filled with resorts, hotels, guest houses, hostels, and tourist shops, but if you know where to look you can still find a Nipa Hut or maybe stay with friends in one of the barangays.

And another great thing is that since most of the tourist accommodations are located near White Beach, that means that those who are willing to take a motorbike ride can find peace and magic at Puka Beach or Baling Hi.

That’s where you’ll find me now!  Oops… Sorry! photos here are bank photos from my previous trips… my camera is still in the sack:)

  1. TM says

    Great report and photos. I’ve never been there but I already want to!

  2. Boracay Hotels says

    Wow brilliant, i loved boracay. I’m so excited to go in there. I hope i can go there too. You’re so lucky.
    Yeah you’re right this is the best of the best in the world.


    Tanya Gemarin

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