New Iloilo International Airport – My first time experience

Its my first time to fly back to Manila via Iloilo Airport and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with it. It was built in 2007, so that’s pretty new as far as airports go. The airport serves the Western Visayas region and is located on the amazing island of Panay. It is one of four international airports in the Visayas though I only used local flights this time around.

airport in panay
Iloilo International Airport

The airport is further away from Iloilo city than I would have preferred, but then it is only about 12 miles distant and I suppose that keeps things nicer in the city.

airport check-in
Check-in Area

The airport seems pretty big to me and I wonder if they have plans to start taking some of the traffic that busy Cebu now gets. A guy in the waiting lobby told me that the entire airport was built in just 30 months! That’s fairly amazing in compare with other international airport which usually takes ten to fifteen years to complete.

pasalubong shops
Airport Pasalubong Shops

The airport is both beautiful and modern with a very comfortable passenger terminal filled with shops, places to eat, and gift shops. I was able to find wifi inside the airport and there were more than enough tourist information booths staffed with friendly and helpful workers.

departure area
Iloilo Airport Departure Area

Their smiles almost made me ask questions I already knew the answer to but to tell you honestly, I just want to know if they are efficient enough.

There is an airport hotel nearby, but I think the better option is to stay on one of the cheaper options in the city proper since the road that traverses the island makes the airport fairly accessible from everywhere. I hope we can have more beautiful airports in the country, one that we can be proud or should I say, something similar to the new Iloilo International Airport.
  1. Micamyx says

    Looks nice! Can’t wait for my Ilo-ilo trip this November 😀

    1. melo says

      You will love Iloilo… food, pasalubong shopping and nightlife is cool:)

  2. Paolo says

    Where do you buy pasalubong, like keychain, t-shirt and magnets in Iloilo City? The ones in the airport are kinda not my type…

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