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Nature Escape at Glamping, Etc. in Cavinti, Laguna

A Unique Dome Tent Experience at Lake Lumot

A Unique Dome Tent Experience at Lake Lumot

Looking for a place to reset and unwind that isn’t that far from Metro Manila? Chances are, the places of Tagaytay, Tanay, Nasugbu, Calatagan, Los Baños, Antipolo, Lake Caliraya comes to mind first. However, there is this underrated place in Cavinti, Laguna that ticks all the checklists of a proper nature escape.

A Unique Dome Tent Experience at Lake Lumot
A Unique Dome Tent Experience at Lake Lumot

Lake Lumot, a next-door neighbor of the bigger Caliraya Lake, is a place where a wonderful set of nature converges to form the perfect great outdoor getaway. A freshwater lake catches the water streaming from the mountains of Laguna and Quezon, a variety of colorful bird species, swaying trees, and lush greens blooming with vibrant flowers. It is also a place where dozens of charming lake houses and resorts can be found. One of which is the uniquely conceptualized Glamping Etc. Philippines.

The property offers a space for guests that may appear as a Lunar or Mars station base because of its exceptional form mirroring that of a Geodesic Dome tent. Built with sturdy but light materials, each dome gives you real glamping feeling without sacrificing the comforts of staying in a typical cozy room.

Fishing in Lake Lumot
Fishing in Lake Lumot

The best thing about the place, there’s only three Geodesic Dome (a fourth is still under construction) on the property, thus giving each guest a sense of solitude as it avoids overcrowding even on peak days.

You cannot find a more socially-distancing-friendly place to unwind than Glamping Etc. Philippines.

Accommodation features:

Geodesic Domes (3 units)

Inside Glamping Etc Geodesic Domes
Inside Glamping Etc Geodesic Domes
  • Private comfort room
  • Standard occupancy of 2 persons with a maximum capacity of 3
  • Lakefront patios with a small table and chair
  • Double-sized bed
  • Small living area

Triangle Tent (1 unit)

  • Private comfort room
  • Two double beds
  • Maximum occupancy of 4 persons

Dorm Room (attic top the pavilion)

  • Shared comfort room
  • Maximum occupancy of 12 persons

Note on the dorm room: This is only available for large groups whose number of guests spill over the occupancy of domes and triangles. It is not booked all the time. Most days, even when fully booked, the guests in the resort don’t exceed 12 people.

All accommodations come with free Breakfast, free use of Kayaks, Floaters, Fishing rods, bodyboards, and vests.

Things to Do in Glamping Etc.

In a place circled by a cast of majestic nature comprising of the tranquil Lake Lumot and the lakeside haven of Glamping Etc. dotted with lush greens, you may want to only eat, relax and sleep.

Lake Lumot in Cavinti Laguna
Lake Lumot in Cavinti Laguna

You can’t be blamed because the setting just calls for utmost relaxation. However, if you get bored of just doing nothing, fortunately, you can also engage in these wonderful nature activities:


Kayaking in Lake Lumut in Cavinti
Kayaking in Lake Lumot in Cavinti

The calm waters of the lake dish an ideal condition for exploring nearby islets and even circle the lake. You can do this by riding one of the Kayaks available for use for the guests. Kindly ask the staff for it and they will lend you a life vest (which is a must) to wear before you can set out on your kayaking exploration.

Around the lake you will spot different kind of bird species as well as witnessing local fisherman trying to catch some fish using a fish net.


There is a swimming area near the bamboo jetty or where the boats ferrying guests would dock. This is a shallow part of the lake but can go quite deep a dozen meters away—so best to remain aware always. If you remain within a few meters from the lake shore, you can enjoy swimming in a chest deep water. This are faces the direction of Mount Banahaw and is also a perfect spot to wait for the sunset.


Yoga Cavinti Laguna
Yoga Cavinti Laguna

If you’re into yoga, better bring a yoga mat as there’s a lot of quiet spots all over the property where you can lay your mat and practice yoga while encircled by an amazing set of nature and a peaceful surrounding.

If you’re not much into yoga, finding a spot to meditate is also a good substitute activity to just commune with nature in utmost quietness.


Fishing in Lake Lumot
Fishing in Lake Lumot

Angling fishing using bait is another favorite activity on the resort. The local caretakers do this all the time even their kids as young as 5-year-old knows how to. You can ask them to teach you how to properly put a bait on the hook and how to angle and throw your bait into the water.

You can do this while reading a book because it takes time to catch a fish in this fishing manner. But, once you do, it is a very fulfilling feeling.


Chill at Lake Lumut
Chill at Lake Lumut

Well, in a place as spectacular as Glamping Etc., you cannot be faulted if you spend all your time just chilling. Besides, consider your trip here as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

You can lay down on one of the hammocks tied around the many trees or just sit near your Geodome accommodation and stare at the marvelous reflection of the glasslike waters of the lake. Pop a bottle of wine while you’re at it.

Socials Over Bonfire

There is a designated small bonfire spot set-up on the property. If you want to socialize with the other guests (social-distancing of course), you can arrange it with the caretakers ahead of time. At night, the stars become very visible, so this is also a good opportunity to do some night sky photography.

Laguna Glamping Site
Laguna Glamping Site
Chicken Biryani and Chicken Masala
Chicken Biryani and Chicken Masala

Where to Eat

Aside from the complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at the property’s kitchen and bar. You can order at least a full day before you arrive or at the same time you made your booking in Airbnb, so the staff can purchase food ingredients in the market.

Pro Tip: Since the property is owned by an Indian couple, there are Indian-influenced dish on the menu. We tried out Chicken Biryani and Chicken Masala and both tasted good.

The Staff:

The staff are very friendly and accommodating. They are an extended family who live near Lake Lumot and are also doubling as caretakers of the property. Because of this, you get the feeling of immersing in a local community when you stay in Glamping Etc.


Since the property is powered only by solar energy and generator, power is cut-off during daytime. Power comes back from 6pm until 5am the next day.

Relaxing Spot at Lake Lumot
Relaxing Spot at Lake Lumot

How to Get to Glamping Etc.


Use Waze / Google Map to pin the location Lake Lumot Boat Terminal. During our trip, our Waze directed us from Pasig to Rizal. It is a longer route compared to using the South Luzon Expressway, but it provided us a photogenic site passing by the windmills of Pililla, to the winding roads of Baras and down to Lake Caliraya and Cavinti, Laguna.

By Public Transport:

Buses are available from Cubao (HM Transport) and Marikina – the last stop is Sta Cruz from where you must take a Trike/Jeepney to ‘Lumot Boat Terminal’.

*Note: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic travel restriction, please check first if public transport is now available.

Where to Park your Car

You can park your vehicle at the Barangay covered court near Lake Lumot Pier for a fee of 200 pesos per night.

From Lake Lumot Port:

Take a 20-minute boat ride to Glamping Etc. You can arrange for this after booking with the host on Airbnb. The boatman is not employed by the resort, so you need to pay him separately. The boatman charges a total fee of 700 pesos roundtrip (good for 1-15 people).

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