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Top 15 Best Things To Do in Kaliningrad, Russia

What are the top tourist spots in Kaliningrad, Russia?

The Dancing Forest in Russia at Curonian spit in Kaliningrad photo via Depositphotos

Kaliningrad Bucket List: 15 Best Places to Visit in Kaliningrad, Russia

Knowledge not only comes from books but also from the experience of traveling. So, let’s discover and explore the intriguing history and location of Kaliningrad, Russia.

Kaliningrad is the capital of the Russian province. Compressed between Poland and Lithuania along the Baltic Coast. It is a small Russian province loosened from the Motherland. A part of East Prussia and then Germany until the map of Europe was revised after World War II. Geographically disintegrated from the rest of the country.

Is it intriguing? Its location brings a bucket list that you can do while staying in that place.

Take time travel of history to the Museum of the World Ocean.

Museum of the World Ocean photo via FB Page
Museum of the World Ocean photo via FB Page

Read the sea charts and marvel at the fish floating gracefully through their habitats, stories of the natural peoples, and wonder at their myths and legends. It stores an overabundance of wealth about the naval history and science of Kaliningrad.

Look at the aquarium in the main building and its collection of corals and shells.

Take a deep breath in the beauty of the Konigsberg Cathedral.

Tower Konigsberg Cathedral photo via Depositphotos
Tower Konigsberg Cathedral photo via Depositphotos

It is one of the ancient buildings in the city to be the real symbol of the city. The museum is located inside that has a range of various exhibits: model patterns of the city’s historical center, ancient armor and weapons, everyday items, books, paintings, and lots of exhibits related to the life of Immanuel Kant, including his posthumous mask.

The pipe organ hall is arranged in the cathedral. It is useless to describe the music created by the organ.

Unwind in infamous Harry Johnson’s Bar

Bar Counter
Bar Counter

Take a sip of well-known cocktails that have four categories. Harry Johnson’s Bar gives dedication to making the best mixes in town. Love the taste of the different and luxurious menu.

See all of Russia in an hour at Miniatures Park.

Look at the intriguing little village of miniatures that allows you to come closer to some of the architectural phenomenons which add to this country’s identity. Stare at the colorful spires of St. Basil’s Cathedral, different government buildings, and landmarks!

It serves as an educational experience for children and all who don’t have enough time to take a round tour in Russia.

Walk-in Fishing Village

Early morning in Kaliningrad. River Pregolya photo via Depositphotos
Early morning in Kaliningrad. River Pregolya photo via Depositphotos

Dazzling red-roofed, creamy wall buildings and scenery will catch your heart. You can sit and relax in one of the many restaurants there.

Watch the boats and people passing by. Don’t forget to see the Jubilee Bridge, connecting the street Oktyabrskaya with street Epronovskaya over the Pregolya River.

Cycling or taking a walk around the Verkhneye Lake

It has a beautiful lake in the heart of many attractions in Kaliningrad. Shops and banks were scattered in the place. Rest and meditate in the flow of the water with the beautiful surrounding of the city.

There are designated bike lanes in the place. Walkers should watch out for some uncovered drainage holes in the pavement for your safety.

Feel royalty at the King’s Gate

Kings Gate. Kaliningrad photo via Depositphotos
Kings Gate. Kaliningrad photo via Depositphotos

Another one of Kaliningrad’s famous gates, the King’s Gate, had undergone many renovations due to vandalism and damages inflicted upon it during WWII. It has “The Grand Embassy” museum that shows the origin and development of the fortress which surrounded the town.

You can gain a deeper understanding of the traditions of this town’s culture!

Experience a maze trick in the Upside Down House

Upside Down House kaliningrad photo via Transiberiana Fb Page
Upside Down House Kaliningrad photo via Transiberiana Fb Page

It is one of the attractions at the Youth Recreation Park. Get a trip walking into the dizzying two-story home, wander the hollow and crack. It was enjoyable to go in! Good picture opportunities.

Since it is at an angle, it is tricky to walk around and be a little dizzying, but getting the hang of this is part of the fun! Don’t look at the floor, nothing exciting to see down there, because it’s all on the ceiling!

Be amazed at the quaint Victory Square.

Victory Square in Kaliningrad photo via Depositphotos
Victory Square in Kaliningrad photo via Depositphotos

Victory Square is a meditating place for a walk with many restaurants and shops to stop. Located close to the heart of the city. Clover Mall and Christ, the Savior Church, are two of the main attractions in the area, but its simple beauty might keep you outside the whole time, just walking and relishing the greenery.

It’s an ideal place to eat and chill. Victory Square is perfect for any time of the day!

Look for the Sun Stone at the Amber Museum

Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum by Stanislaw Pokrowski via Wikipedia CC
Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum By Author: Stanislaw Pokrowski – Ambermuseum Kaliningrad, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

This museum is gorgeous inside and out! The natural science section centralized on amber as a mineral and the different varieties and was dedicated to the “Sun Stone,” the largest Russia. The museum’s collection of amber comprises about 28,000 pieces, of which about 15,000 contain inclusions of insects, spiders, or plants.

You’ll find the museum divided into three sections, each of which details a part of this role. Various jewelry and household items in the museum’s cultural and historical areas highlight amber’s value to this culture!

Viewing Tower Lighthouse

It is usually a Watch Room or Service Room where fuel and other supplies were kept and the keeper. Take the stair to climb up into the lighthouse and gaze over the water, allowing your mind to drift back years and years to when this was used as a beacon for those ships coming to shore.

Also, walking up the 133 steps of the tower can be done in this place. Dine and sit on the third floor at the coffee shop, and take it outside to sip on as you take in the beautiful surroundings.

Time travel in WWII history at the Bunker Museum

Watch out for the ground-level entrance, as the utterly underground museum can be hard to find, although it is well worth your search!

Previously occupied by the Nazis in 1945, this has-been bomb shelter is now open for you to walk through its 21 rooms and learn mainly about the assault on the city of Konigsberg by the Soviets in 1945.

Each room displays the different situations and people involved in the city’s siege, giving guests a detailed picture of the event.

Confront history at Fort XI Domhoff

It is one of the best-conserved forts because it was not bombed during WWII. It will give you a hint of the Life and Work of the military in the camp.

You will understand and gain knowledge of the history of Kaliningrad.

Experience the Dancing Forest

The Dancing Forest in Russia at Curonian spit in Kaliningrad photo via Depositphotos
The Dancing Forest in Russia at Curonian spit in Kaliningrad photo via Depositphotos

You will see the twisting, weaving, and arching trunks of trees that you will imagine dancing in the air. Making a photo shoot is the best idea to preserve the memories. Maybe it’s some scientifically complicated explanation, but no matter the reason, no one can deny the uniqueness of the Dancing Forest.

Solo travelers are generally safe in Russia, but you should exercise general precautions and avoid walking alone at night. Follow all the rules of a foreign place to avoid inconvenience. Be safe, always travel buddies!

Kaliningrad Travel and Tour Packages

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